Our Week: September 8-14 2013

In our homeschool this week we had fun with Spanishfinished up Agent E's multiplication workbook (she's a workbook kind of gal), attempted to introduce Agent J to the joys of doing math with Legos (she still prefers to just build with them), read lots (lots!) of books, revisited our weather and animal studies (we're kind of having a review month), learned a little about the parts of speech, and celebrated Teddy Bear Day.

They are feeding the bears Cheerios at a picnic
We had a play date on Wednesday with some girls about the Senior Agents' ages, and we have another one planned for next week. They love when friends come over, and are especially thrilled when our young guests also homeschool. Agent E, in particular, cannot wait to ask them about what they are doing. I didn't really think she fully realized that by homeschooling we are doing something outside the norm, but when she gets so excited about meeting other homeschoolers, well, maybe she does.

We also tried a new church, but that was your basic epic fail. Maybe someday we will finally get this right.

The Agents' favorite thing this week was going to a "new" library. Really, it's just a branch of our library system we've visited a few times but don't make it to very often. However, this particular location has a much larger selection of chapter books for the elementary set, including all of Agent E's favorites. We came home with 28 new books (and a Blue's Room DVD that Agent A has viewed approximately 6000 times). Did I mention we already had 20-some library books at home? And of course they are due on completely random days. (For some reason, we can never manage to take out books, read them all, take all of them back, start over. We always have a mix of random due dates.) It's a good thing the library sends out those e-mail reminders, otherwise we could probably single-handedly finance the entire library system with late fees.

Agent J is always good for a random, crazy photo. This bowl on her head is her helmet. What is she being? An X-wing pilot (of course).

Agent J, standing by