What We've Been Up To: Some Highlights

Just a quick note about some things we've been up to recently, in our homeschool and beyond.

This past Saturday we attended Star Wars Reads Day at our local Barnes and Noble. We will definitely be doing this again next October. So much fun. Agent E could live at the bookstore, and is obsessed with all things Star Wars, so she was pretty much over the moon. While both Senior Agents stayed clear of Darth Vader, Agent J had conversations with at least half a dozen Stormtroopers. 

Waiting for story time
Agent A wasn't sure about the characters at first
He got over that by the end
One of many Agent J and Clone/Sand/Stormtrooper photo ops
Agent E is continuing with her usual agenda of reading everything in sight. We went to the library yesterday and returned 35 books. And came home with 34. Not to mention the 20 we already had at home. They are having a book sale in a couple of weeks. On the last day you can take as many as you can fit in a bag for $10. We may possibly be attending this and coming home with a trunkful of books.

Agent J has finally taken an interest in Lego math. Woo! When she can wrestle the Legos away from Agent A, she's having a lot of fun with it. Mostly we've just been doing simple addition up to ten. I think Legos might be the greatest math manipulative ever. We also use them with Agent E to help with multiplication, division, fractions, and percentages.

Introduced Agent J to computer games this week. She has used a Leap Frog (where you use a stylus) for almost a year now, but had never played games by herself on my laptop before. So far her favorites are Curious George and Martha Speaks. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before I have a Kindle Free Time account set up for her as well. I've lost track of how many apps I've downloaded for Agent E.

Last weekend Hubby taught Agent E how to play Monopoly. Not surprisingly, she loves it. They have been playing the U.S. Navy edition, so she's also been learning a bit about what Daddy does at work. (Side note: If you ask Agent J what Hubby does, her standard answer is "boring Daddy stuff.") 

We made another trip to Disney (with all the usual madness and mayhem that entails). Takeaways: Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party actually is a little bit, well, scary. Also, Epcot is the best homeschool field trip ever. Two new rides for Agent J on this trip: Space Mountain and Mission Space. Another 2.5-3 inches and she'll be tall enough to ride everything in the four main parks. This was also our last Disney adventure with Agent A as a freebie. (Disney doesn't charge for tickets or meals until age three. Up until now we've also been able to book rooms that sleep four and have a pack-n-play available, which of course we don't use anyway.)

Senior Agents got to meet Mulan for the first time on this trip
It's not a Disney vacation if Agent A isn't swallowed up
by at least one character

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