Homeschooling Notes, December 2013

Another month down, and now we are halfway through second grade and kindergarten. (We started 1 July, so we already finished six full months.) Following is a bit about what we did in December.


This month Agent E finished up our division book and learned about remainders. We also did a little bit out of this new 3rd grade math workbook we found. Agent E loves math. (Clearly she got this from her father, not me.) She will voluntarily do math at random times during the day. For fun


More of the same here. Mostly, she just reads whatever she choose at the library. She’s still very much into American Girls and a few other series. On average she reads one fiction book a day; 30-ish for the month. A part of me still wishes she would show more interest in creative writing, but that’s just not where she is right now.


For December we went back to studying dinosaurs, and also added in more about fossils and evolution. When we study science, we typically just get a giant stack of library books about our chosen topics and work through them together throughout the month. While I think her retention is pretty good, I don’t actually “quiz” her on the material or expect her to repeat back specific facts. Yet, she has a pretty good memory and can usually talk about something we’ve covered weeks or even months later. 

Social Studies

We looked at different inventors and inventions this month. We were going to include famous scientists, too, but somehow never really got around to it. The Agents loved learning about how some of the things we use every day came to be. 


We didn’t have any new art/music lessons this month, although I think it’s safe to assume that listening to classical music in the car is now officially our “thing.” One of my goals for the second half of our homeschooling year is to put more effort into new and interesting art/music studies. I feel like this is the area we always seem to coast and not really add to.

Christmas Eve silliness

Agent J continues to improve her reading, now moving on to some of the chapter books her sister read in first grade (and still enjoys now). It’s still a bit difficult for me to wrap my brain around walking into the room and seeing J sitting on the bed silent reading Junie B. Jones or something similar. 

As I mentioned last month, J has begun using the Kindle more often, and actually enjoys reading on it (unlike her sister, who prefers a “real” book). She has also started showing more of an interest in math thanks to some of the games (e.g., Math Bingo). 

We still don’t have much of a “curriculum” for her other than math/reading, but she is picking up on more and more of what we study with E and often wants to read the books we take out of the library for our science and social studies work.

Up for January

So far on the agenda we have some random math topics (basically just working through our 3rd grade math workbook at E’s pace), lots of reading (as usual), mammals, Spanish, more Liberty’s kids (we only watched 2 of the 4 DVDs so far), and famous paintings/artists.

My hope for January is to go back to weekly (or at least every other week) for these updates. We’ll see how long that “resolution” lasts.

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