No More Milk

It’s been one week since Agent A, age 3 years 2 months, has nursed. We are done.

He last nursed to sleep last Friday night, and has only asked for milk once since—yesterday, before bed. He didn’t nurse, although he did cry/protest a bit. I think it was more of a combination of overtired and maybe his own realization that he was done for real? Agent J did the same thing when we stopped for good; Agent E did not.

(If you’d like to check out the Senior Agents’ weaning stories, I wrote about them here.)

A’s weaning probably took the least “effort” on my part of the three. He gradually stopped nursing during the day until he didn’t even ask. Then the overnight nursing went. Suddenly I was sleeping all night for the first time in years. The last to go was the before bed milk. (This was also true of the girls.) He held on to just that one session for a few weeks.

The first photo I have of Agent A nursing (November 2010)
Then last Saturday morning, we made yet another trip to Disney World. That first night in the hotel, he fell asleep without nursing. Then he did it again on Sunday. By the time Monday night rolled around and he just wanted to cuddle to sleep, I was ready to call it. 

(I should add here that I don’t think it was the distraction of vacationing, given how much traveling we have done with the Agents. I think it was just a coincidence.)

Like with our other transitions, thinking about what it will be like is always different than what it is actually like. Somehow each time I thought I’d be sad, or miss it, or be in disbelief. Yet, it just seems totally normal that we don’t have that part of our relationship anymore.

I started breastfeeding baby #1 on 4 May 2006. I stopped breastfeeding baby #3 on 3 January 2014. (There was a short 4-ish month “break” when Agent J stopped in the summer of 2010 while I was pregnant with Agent A.) Also, for one year and three months of that time I was nursing two babies (baby Agent J and toddler Agent E).

The last photo I have of Agent A nursing (March 2013)
Breastfeeding has been one of my most written about topics on this blog since the beginning, and I’m sure that a few more posts will still make their way through. Of course, many of the older posts I would write differently today . . . hazard of blogging for several years.

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