Week One: So Far, So Good

We finished our first homeschooling week of 2014. Here is my first attempt to actually post weekly updates, um, weekly.

This week, as is our usual the first week of most months, we chose new topics and loaded up on library books. 

We decided for math we will pretty much just take the next month (or two) to continue working through E’s third grade math basics book in whatever order she wants. It covers many things we’ve already touched on, plus some new concepts. 

Other subjects we’ll be looking at include mammals (for science), the American Revolution (again; we’re still working through our Liberty’s Kids collection), famous paintings/artists (because we found a few really cool books at the library we had to get), and Spanish (because we now own the complete Pim Collection).

(Side note: Agent A is fascinated with the Pim DVDs, particularly watching them with the little stuffed Pim the Panda that came with the set. He will tell me, I want to watch Pim with Pim. He’s picked up on some colors/numbers and the other day he told me, Hola, Mama. Buenos Dias.)

In other news this week, Agent J decided to make the beginning of the new year even more festive by breaking her arm on new year’s day. 

The positive here is that she may be in the cast for as little as three weeks, and she is completely unfazed by the whole thing. She actually likes sharing the story of how it happened and how Daddy took her to the ER, and I’m sure that every character we see in Disney next week will be treated to a re-telling of the entire saga, Agent J style.

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