Week Two: The One With Mickey Mouse

This week we did not get to a lot of “formal” school because we spent Saturday to Wednesday at the House of Mouse. 

Of course, there are plenty of “educational” parts of a Disney trip. The Senior Agents enjoyed working their way through Animal Kingdom earning badges just like Russell from Up. (The wilderness must be explored!) We also took a ride on Spaceship Earth and went back in time with the Universe of Energy.

Plus, you know, practice taking turns and standing in line. Ahem.

Of course with Agent J’s broken arm, we were not able to do all of our usual activities (i.e., her favorite roller coasters and fast rides). But, she did get lots of friends—including all the core Clubhouse characters, Chip, Dale, Pooh, Tigger, and a few princesses—to sign her cast. 

Because we live nearby and go every few months (we’re already planning a return trip in June) it wasn’t terribly disappointing for her. And, she’ll have a pretty cool souvenir once the cast is removed.

We did manage to get in some math, reading, and even a little science yesterday and today. Back to the usual grind next week. 

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