What Does "Getting a Break" Look Like?

Observation: When people say things like I don’t need a break from my kids it is often because they are totally blind to the fact that they are already getting a break.

Google “need a break from kids” and you will inevitably find people who think they don’t ever ever ever need to have time away from their offspring.

And then they proceed to comment how all they really need is a bath at the end of the day while Hubby is with the kids. Or a quick cup of tea in the other room to regroup. Or just an hour to get their hair done. Or really the kids love spending time with grandparents so they can’t possibly not send them over there, right?

Somehow, because it’s not a long venture (late night out or an entire day) many folks have convinced themselves that it doesn’t count.

Also, there is the belief that if you missed your kids while you were gone, and were looking forward to getting back, it wasn’t really a break. SMH.

Newsflash: Most people would consider those things having time to yourself away from your children.

I mentioned this in another post, but I’m going to reiterate here. (Yes; I’m cutting and pasting. Lazy blogging today.)
I will speculate that mothers who say this have a supportive partner, probably one who works a job with regular hours and is home in time for dinner most nights and every weekend. Maybe they have parents or in-laws or close friends nearby. They are likely not in a situation where they are going it alone, either permanently (single parent, divorced, widowed) or temporarily (spouse is military or in a career with significant travel). Their "breaks" may just not be as obvious as a night out or a regular babysitter, but having someone around to share the daily mental energy matters.
It doesn’t have to be a weekend away, or even several hours. But, everyone, everyone needs time they can call their own. It just looks different for different people.

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