Math Books for Kids

When you think about teaching or learning math, does reading about math come to mind? Perhaps it should! Following are several books we have used in our homeschool math studies (preschool to second-ish grade).

12 Ways To Get To 11 by E. Merriam
Counting exactly 11 items in various drawings. My favorite is the momma pig with her 10 piglets, several of which are having some milk. :-)

26 Letters and 99 Cents by T. Hoban

One side is uppercase and lowercase letters; flip the book over and it has pictures of what one cent though 99 cents looks like in coins.

A Fraction’s GoalParts of a Whole by B. Cleary
We already read and loved all of his books about parts of speech and grammar; the math ones are just as entertaining.

Fun With Roman Numerals by D. Adler
Kid-friendly explanation of how I, V, X, etc. translate to Arabic numerals.

Math for All Seasons by G. Tang
Math riddles introduce patterns, symmetry, skip counting, and more.

Measuring Penny by Loreen Leedy
Cute story about a girl who enlists the help of her pup, Penny, to complete her homework on measurement.

Me Counting Time: From Seconds to Centuries by L. Sweeney
An introduction to time and the calendar, from the blink of an eye to a millennium and everything in between.

Mystery Math by D. Adler
Another favorite from this author. (FYI, he also writes the Cam Jansen and Young Cam Jansen mysteries.) Beginning algebra using a haunted house theme.

Sir Cumference and the First Round Table: A Math Adventure by C. Neuschwander
A delightful story that incorporates math concepts such as perimeter, radius, and diameter.

Star Wars 123 by Lucas Books
Fun board book for the younger set. From one Jedi Master to 100 stormtroopers, there is a whole galaxy of things to count!

What Comes in 2s, 3s, and 4s? by S. Aker
Learning to count (plus colors and shapes) using everyday objects.

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