Another 24 Hours at Our House

While I’ve written several day-in-the-life posts, including this most recent one, it’s been a while since I did a complete play-by-play of an entire day at our house. (You can find the last one here.)

These posts are both fun and challenging to write. It’s humorous to go back and re-read my own scribbled notes throughout the day and attempt to make sense of the one and two word descriptions. But it can be difficult to keep track of everything and reconstruct it into a readable post. This is pretty detailed (and long) but I know I still missed things.

This is a fairly typical weekend day for me and my three Agents (ages 7, 5, and 3). Captain Daddy is still deployed and we didn’t have any errands to run or outside activities, so we stayed in. This account is from 6:00 a.m. Saturday morning until 6:00 a.m. Sunday morning.

6:00 Me, my coffee cup, and my Kindle Fire are warming up a spot on the couch. I’ve been up since 4:20 . . . first to settle Agent A, then to get Agent E water (darn pizza for dinner last night!). After dozing briefly I decided to get out of bed at about 5:10 and make coffee and get on with it. (I’m almost always up before 6:00 and frequently by 5:00. This is what happens when I go to bed with the kids at 9:45.)

6:30 Two out of three Agents are now asleep on the couch and I’ve moved to the chair. Continue catching up on blog reading and commenting, Facebook, and other article-reading and puttering. I also feed the cat and take care of a few other things.

7:43 Agent A is awake. I make a small “bed” for him on the living room floor since his sisters are still overtaking the couch and he curls up for a bit.

8:00 The girls are still asleep on the couch and A is “shopping” (i.e., pushing a toy shopping cart around the living room and randomly tossing objects into it). I love that he says things like “[checkout lane] number three” and “it’s credit” as part of his adventure. He even brings his ID card and his own reusable grocery bags. He may or may not accompany me to the commissary a lot.

8:35 The girls are awake now and A decides he wants to watch a world animals DVD, in English. He always specifies language these days (English or Spanish). He also wants the subtitles on everything now (even though he can’t read yet) . . . a habit he picked up from his sisters.

8:45 I start cutting up fruit for breakfast while discussing Halloween costumes with Agent E. Yes; I realize it’s March. For the record, as of right now she’s torn between American Girl Samantha and Queen Amidala. Agent J thinks everyone should be Ewoks.

9:05 Post fruit Agents get a little crazed up and start doing laps around the living room/dining room. The cat wisely runs to the guest room to take refuge under the bed.

9:08 I bring out three apple cinnamon muffins for them and they pretty much think I’m a rock star.

9:17 I get dressed (and suggest they do the same).

9:30 Go into the girls room to find them not dressed, but instead torturing (holding) the cat while flipping through their American Girl catalog for the 50th time since it came in the mail yesterday.

9:53 Announce to everyone that I’m making chocolate chip pancakes and if they aren’t dressed by the time they are done I’m eating them all myself. 

10:00 Agents (now dressed) color at the kitchen table while I flip pancakes.

10:35 Agents run off to brush their teeth (i.e., waste toothpaste and splatter the mirror) while I clean up and take the trash/recycling to the garage.

10:50 I decide now would be a good time to clean the bathrooms. The Senior Agents are occupied reading in their room and Agent A is coloring and talking to himself about Blue’s Clues. 

11:20 It doesn’t take very long to get through both bathrooms since I am able to do so sans interruptions (a minor miracle). I grab a cup of tea and my Kindle and sit down on the couch. Within 30 second all the little people need me, urgently, with different requests. Sigh.

11:30 Agent A puts on a DVD of home movies (he and his sisters from 2011-2012, when we were in Italy). He bores of this quickly and after a few minutes I realize all three of them are in the other room being quiet. Nothing bad can come of this, right?

11:45 I take Agent A to the bathroom (still learning so it involves Skittles . . . for both of us) and then he wants to go outside.

12:00  Now they are all outside and I pour more tea, make the beds, clean up the living room, and fix the humidifier (which went crazy last night for some reason).

12:14 Respond to a request to bring out sidewalk paint (corn starch + water + food coloring, in rinsed out individual applesauce containers). Come back inside and eliminate some floor crayon drawings I’ve been walking on for two weeks now. 

12:28 Grab my tea cup and laptop and attempt to decipher some cryptic notes I made on this very post.

1:15 They are still outside, so after checking on them I feed the cat a little dry food (shh . . . she’s supposed to be on a wet food diet) and decide to read (a real, actual, paperback book!) for a few minutes.

1:36 Take a small snack and drink out to the Agents. Come back in and sneak chocolate in the kitchen.

2:18  Agent A decides to come back inside. He empties and refills a backpack while I start unloading the dishwasher. 

2:21 Now Agent J comes inside and she settles on the couch to play Julia’s Kindle (aka, Kindle Free Time). I go back to unloading the dishwasher.

2:23 Agent E complains about being outside alone, but ultimately decides to stay. I finally finish the dishwasher.

2:28 Agent A and I share a snack. Oatmeal. Yeah; I know.

2:35 I remember that my laptop battery is dead and I was supposed to plug it in about two hours ago. Oops.

2:46 Solve a minor finger boo boo issue.

3:03 Made it until after 3:00 p.m. without snapping at the Agents. Impressive.

3:10 Agent A and I are on the couch watching Baby’s Favorite Places (in Spanish). He asks multiple translation questions I don’t know the answer to. I also help Agent J out with her newest obsession, Stack the States. She does remarkably well on her own with a lot of them, but honestly I think this game is a bit much for a five-year-old. (Lots of knowledge of major cities and what states border each other . . . she does pretty well with recognizing the shapes of states and state capitals, though.)

3:16 Agent E finally joins us inside. I seriously cannot believe she stayed out there the longest (over three hours).

3:20 Senior Agents move to the bedroom and collaborate on the Stack the States game. (It’s a little easier for Agent E, age 7, because we’ve actually studied the states more than once in our homeschooling journey.) I don’t even notice that A has left the couch, too. I kind of doze in and out a bit (I think). Blame the 4:20 wake up.

3:45 Change a diaper. Yes, we’re potty training (sort of) but in the very early stages. A follows me into the bathroom while I wash my hands. He does not like that I reprimand him for eating toothpaste and flees to his big sisters for comfort.

3:50 Go around the house and change all the clocks. For some reason, doing this early makes me feel better prepared mentally for the time change each fall and spring. It will probably still mess up the Agents in some way, but whatever. We move on with our day as if it’s already an hour later.

4:02 (5:02 in our world now) Agents go on a hunt for Fluffy (the cat formerly known as Cinnamon). While that chase is on I check e-mail and Facebook just because I can.

4:10 (5:10) Distribute snacks and the Agents run off to the girls room to play. I work on clearing some dishes out of the sink.

4:22 (5:22) Agent J emerges from the bedroom with a giant stack of books. Of course, they are all books from our own bookshelf and not any of the 70 library books we have out right now. She tells me she’s going to read them and then I need to “add them to the list” . . . she knows I keep track for our homeschooling records.

4:26 (5:26) I finish the dishes and remember the oven had something spill over last night and clean that up before I forget and it burns up the next time I turn it on. As I do this I listen to Agent J reading out loud from the living room.

4:30 (5:30) Agent A decides he wants some reading time, too, so I move out to the couch and we flip through a few books. Suddenly he looks at me and says “I have to pee.” Score! We go into the bathroom and he is still dry and does indeed go. This is the first time in the last two days that he told me beforehand, so I consider it progress. (Previously he would go into the bathroom when I requested, but already be wet. Of course he would still pee a little while we were in there to claim a Skittle.)

4:40 (5:40) Send Hubby e-mail detailing our potty success. Giggle at myself thinking about how very different our days are. 

5:00 (6:00) Agent A is doing more “shopping” and the girls are both reading. I start making dinner. We’re really going to be eating about half an hour early, but according to the clock we’ll be eating half an hour late. 

5:15 (6:15) Phone rings and I pause making dinner to talk to my mom. She and my brother are on the way home from the hospital after visiting my dad. (Long story short: My dad is recovering from a very rare form of meningitis, and has been in the hospital, including bouts in the ICU, or in a nursing/rebab center, for the last four months. He’s making slow progress, but we’ve had a few scares and it’s still a long road ahead. Treatment is intense for a year and we’re about three months in; he wasn’t diagnosed for the first month, which is why it’s been a total of four months.) 

5:27 (6:27) Agent A insists on talking to my mom, and then gets mad when I try to take the phone back. But I’m not done! I’m not finished saying all the words! He accidentally hangs up on her, but I don’t call back because I need to get back to dinner and I figure they are probably about home by now anyway.

5:35 (6:35) Tacos! One of the meals everyone eats without complaint and in great quantities. Lots of chewing, not much talking. I enjoy the silence in between popping up to refill plates and drinks.

5:57 (6:57) Dinner is over but before I clean up I take Agent A to the potty again. Another success and another Skittle. Weigh the pros and cons of stuffing him full of Skittles one at a time over the next few weeks versus freedom from diapers. Decide I’d rather deal with the excess sugar fall out and brush his teeth four times a day than change diapers. Candy bribery for the win.

6:00 (7:00) In the great Mulan (Disney movie of the night) and Peppa Pig debate, Peppa wins and they all gather around to watch. I feed the cat her dinner and pull the blinds, then join them for the rest of the episode.

6:40 (7:40) More cleaning up (with Agent help). I usually get the dishwasher started and laundry ready to go about this time, but I am surprised to see neither have a full load. We all have a little piece of chocolate for dessert.

7:00 (8:00) We move into bath time. Agent E takes a shower (with some assistance from me for water temperature adjusting) while J and A hop in the bathtub. When E is done I get in the shower and finish quickly while my “audience” dries off and jumps up and down making faces in the bathroom mirror.

7:30 (8:30) We’re all back in the living room, everyone is in pajamas, and we’re preparing to wind down the evening. 

7:33 (8:33) I realize I never poured my after-dinner tea and go to the kitchen. While I’m in there, E decides to color, which means now J and A are fighting over the same marker and piece of paper. Not that we don’t have hundreds of each in this house. After a while J moves her coloring to the kitchen table and we turn on Disney Junior.

8:00 Agent E gives up coloring in favor of more Stack the States time. Agent A unpacks his still-full-from-earlier shopping cart all over the couch.

8:15 (9:15) I decide to putter online a bit. Blogger is doing something weird and I cannot open my comments window. In trying to fix it, I lose two comments in the process. Probably just as well, because one was not very pleasant and I don’t like to spiral into negative discussions online. This sparks an idea for a new post about being nice. I make myself a cryptic note about it on the dry erase board in the kitchen.

8:30 (9:30) More snacks because it’s what we do. Join the Agents in the living room after shutting down the laptop for the night. We snack and chat and watch a little TV. 

8:45 (9:45) Agent A goes to grab his blanket and Lambie. He looks like he’s ready to get cozy for the night, so I take him to brush his teeth first. He falls asleep on my lap within 15 minutes, rare for him these days and super early, too. (Usually we all go to bed at the same time closer to 10:00.)

9:00 (10:00) I lay A down in his bed and go back out to the living room with the Senior Agents. We don’t do much for the next half hour or so; I think everyone is kind of tired.

9:30 (10:30) Senior Agents declare they are ready for bed and we head to the bathroom to get ready. Everyone is in bed with lights out within ten minutes.

I sleep way past 6:00 (unusual these days) and so my 24 hours finishes while I’m sound asleep. I thought I’d have a few more entries in the wee hours of Sunday morning, but apparently my brain needed the rest.

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