Baby Items We Could Have Done Without

Earlier this week I shared a post about some baby items we actually usedToday I’m posting about the opposite: things for baby we found unnecessarySome of these we ended up using in other ways, so maybe not completely useless, but we still didn’t need them.

1. Moby wrap. Truth: I ordered this purely because of peer pressure. It’s the best baby carrier ever, they said. You will be able to get so much done while wearing baby, they said. A must have for moms with older kids to take care of, they said. This is complete bull@#$%, I said. It did not work for us at all. I could not figure out the approximately 90 yards of material, Agent A hated being in it, and I couldn’t do anything with him strapped to me. Maybe it works better for petite babies? Maybe it was user error? At any rate, epic fail here.

2. Nursing bras. Luckily I didn’t go too crazy and only bought two or three of these. I found that for someone my, um, size (ahem), it worked better to just wear a half camisole or sports bra style and pull it up from the bottom. The few times I did wear the nursing bras (actually, tank tops with a built-in nursing bra) I could barely get the hook to cooperate and took forever to get baby to latch on.

3. Shopping cart cover. We did use this several times . . . if Hubby and I were out together. However, it’s basically impossible to get in the cart properly by yourself. I could barely get it attached and lined up correctly with one hand (while holding baby Agent E in the other arm). And of course, once Agent J came along, now I was holding a baby, wrangling a two-year-old, and trying to get this stupid thing to work. By the time Agent A arrived, I was just like, whatever . . . eat the cart handle. At least it’s keeping you busy and quiet.

4. Baby book. You know the ones where you are supposed to write down things about your family, birth stats, name ideas, who you told first, baby shower gifts, date of first tooth, etc. etc. etc. Except that it was so generic and the questions were so ridiculous that I couldn’t even bring myself to fill it out. I kept thinking I would find a new, better one but never did. At one point I even convinced myself I would scrapbook about the baby years instead. (I am laughing at myself while just thinking about that last sentence.) Needless to say, I have two blank scrapbooks with Agent E and Agent J’s names on them that I have no idea what to do with. 

5. Baby shoes. Mostly useless until kids start walking outside. We did make an exception if we were going to be outdoors for a while in the winter, just to have something extra keeping their feet warm. But, mostly we went with bare piggies or socks only until they were almost a year and a half (about three to six months after they began walking well).

6. Bumbo. I totally get the point behind this, I do, but . . . it did not work. At least not the way it is intended, which is to assist a not-yet-sitting baby with sitting up. Problem: fat babies don’t fit. (Agent A was 18 pounds at four months.) The leg holes are ridiculously small. More than one kid got stuck in there. My toddlers, however, loved it. They had thinned out enough that their legs actually fit and they would sit down in it and be completely amused. Entertaining for the older kids, but not necessary.

7. Boppy. This, like the Moby, is another area where I fell victim to marketing. It sounded like such a great idea! I tried to use this, I really did. I just could never get the hang of how or why this made nursing any easier. We did end up using it in a different way, however . . . we put it around the newly sitting up Agents to give them something to lean on when they still had the weeble wobble thing going on.

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