Homeschooling Notes, April 2014

A little late, but a quick note about what we’ve been up to in our homeschooling.


We (finally) finished our third grade math workbook this month. The last few topics we covered included adding and subtracting numbers up to four digits, multiplying a two-digit or three-digit number by a one-digit number, and dividing with remainders. I don’t anticipate adding any new math topics for the rest of the school year; I think we will be doing a lot of review instead. 

Agent E continued to enjoy all of her math games on the Kindle (including a new one, Dragon Box . . . pricey, but it was free the day we downloaded it). She also practiced her Sudoku skills.  


Like last month, it didn’t seem like we had as many books on our pleasure reading list this month. However, the Agents have all been playing outside a lot more still (see photo of Agent J in action) and I think that is definitely good use of their time. They need that play time; it keeps all of us sane. Also, we hit the library book sale this month (see photo of our stash next to Agent A) and I think they have actually read several of them already and I just haven’t been as diligent about writing them all down. (For the record, we came home with 90 books for $20. Score.)


This month we returned to our study of the human body (a favorite science topic) with an emphasis on the skeletal system. We mostly read books and checked out the videos on KidsHealth.

We didn’t really add any new topics for social studies or art/music this month. Actually, we’ve had kind of a slow month overall. End of year burnout? (We school year round, so we “start” in July and are therefore getting ready to wrap up second grade soon.)

We do, however, have an interesting plan for our May studies . . . another post coming soon. (Hint: It involves Mickey Mouse.)

p.s. Today is Agent E’s 8th birthday!

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