Second Grade Review: Math

Agent E loves math. And, she’s pretty good at it. It seems to make intuitive sense to her (something that is not true of her Momma). 

For now it’s one of her favorite things to study, so I’m just kind of going with it. I know some folks tend to get all jazzed up about kids and math (particularly girls and math) but we’re trying not to make it into a bigger deal than any other subject we cover.

(Hopefully that made sense.)

Following are some of the math topics we talked about this year:

  1. Addition (up to four digits, including carrying)
  2. Subtraction (up to four digits, including borrowing)
  3. Multiplication tables up to ten (She doesn’t have them memorized, but can figure out most of them fairly quickly.)
  4. Division (Simple division she can do about as well as multiplication. We introduced long division with remainders but didn’t get terribly far on that.)
  5. Greater Than/Less Than (up to ten thousands)
  6. Place Value (up to ten thousands)
  7. Measurement (mostly linear, not a lot with weight or volume. We included the metric system, which, face it, makes much more sense, but didn’t get too involved.)
  8. Geometry (We did a very simple intro, including shapes and solids, perimeter, and area, but didn’t spend too much time on this yet.)
  9. Money (different denominations, making change, cost of basic household items, managing an allowance)
  10. Roman Numerals (just the basics of what symbols are one, five, ten, fifty, one hundred, one thousand)
  11. Fractions and Percentages (parts of a whole, getting to 100% . . . Legos are very useful for this.)
  12. Estimating (still kind of working on this)
  13. Word problems (aka, applying this stuff to the real world)

We started the year using several free math worksheets from various online sites. We then moved on to separate workbooks on just multiplication and just division. More recently we completed a third grade math workbook, doing a couple pages a week over a few months. 

Agent E also enjoyed several math games on the Kindle, including Math Bingo, Planet of the Stolen Math, and DragonBox Algebra. She also became a fan of Sudoku and practiced her skills many times (and even taught Agent J how to play). Lego math is another big hit around here.

Not sure what we will do differently for next year . . . Agent E seems to love a good workbook when it comes to math, something she can peruse through at her own pace. We may just try to find a different third grade version that works through some of the same concepts. I’m not certain we’ll really introduce much new, just a lot of review and building on what we have done so far.

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