Second Grade Review: Science and Health

I’m doing a little homeschool wrap-up and posting about each subject we studied this year. Today’s topic is science. I’ve recently posted about reading/writing (Agent E)mathreading (Agent J), and social studies.

We spent a significant amount of time studying the human body (with lots of ideas from the Nemours KidsHealth site) and animals (mostly mammals). These seemed to be both girls’ favorite topics, and probably why Agent J insists she’s going to be a doctor for both people and animals (a physinarian? a veterinician?).

Other subjects covered included dinosaurs, fossils, evolution, and the origins of earth. We also touched on weather, botany, the scientific method, and the color spectrum. Along the way we conducted various kitchen counter and back yard experiments as well.

Dirt is science, right?
Like with most subjects, our preferred curriculum included primarily books from the library. We also used several workbooks/printouts along the way. (Agent E likes to have a page in front of her, even if she doesn’t “do” the whole thing. I think just the act of holding it, looking at it, even coloring it, helps her to remember.)

Agent E went through a Must Know All the Science phase early in the school year, and then it kind of faded a bit. Right now, Agent J is picking it back up with her nonstop questions about space. 

This is one of the great things about homeschooling, though: Her interests can ebb and flow like that and I never doubt that we’ll “come back” to something. 

For our health studies we talked a lot about taking care of the body (e.g., first aid, teeth, sun protection) and safety in and out of the home. Next year we have a “list” of things we are supposed to cover from the state guidelines, so we will likely make health education a more involved topic of it’s own.

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