When Year Round Homeschoolers Need a Summer Break

When we started homeschooling Agent E for kindergarten in September 2011, I knew it could very well end up being a one-year-and-done-with-that-crazy-experiment kind of thing.

We were living in Italy at the time, and suffice it to say many factors went into our decision, including travel plans that did not coincide neatly with the school year calendar.

(How many kids can say they spent their kindergarten year visiting Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Paris, and London?)

When we moved back to the states in June 2012, we took some time off by default to visit relatives and make a trip to Disney.

By July first she was like, um, okay, we're doing school again, right?

Hence began our journey into year round schooling. We started first grade for Agent E on 1 July 2012 and transitioned to second grade for Agent E and kindergarten for Agent J on 1 July 2013.

Tomorrow is 1 July once again and we are not starting a new school year.

We need a break.

I'm not even sure "break" is the right word . . . it's not like we are stopping all school-y activities. We just aren't following any particular plan right now. We are waiting until after the move in September to head back into Formal School Territory.

The Agents still have over six dozen books out of the library. I just ordered a writing workbook for Agent E and a math workbook for Agent J. We're still talking about things we like to study now and in the future.

But we aren't concerned with calling it school and/or jumping into any particular third/first grade curriculum.

In other words, we are taking the summer "off" in the sense that I am not worried about what they are doing school-wise, and we are simply going with the flow for the next two-and-a-half-ish months.

(Now that I think about it, maybe the only "break" is from me writing everything down. Hmm.)

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