5 Things I Won't Miss About Florida (and 3 That I Will)

Many of you know we're in Getting Ready To Move Soon mode; we'll be making the transition from Florida to New York shortly after Labor day. So, I'm eyeball deep in decluttering and organizing and planning.

We've lived here for just over two years, but honestly I never really felt very attached to the area. It never seemed like home. Our time here has pretty much been a blur.

There are many things I will not miss, including . . .

Lizards. Or geckos. Or whatever you want to call them. Small green critters with long tails. They are everywhere: right outside the door trying to get in the play room, hanging out in the mail box (usually hiding under the mail waiting to freak me out). They aren't cute. They are creepy and weird.

Humidity. There is hot, and there is Florida hot. They are not the same. The first year we were here, Agent J asked if we could move to Alaska. And this was in early June, technically still spring.

Bugs. We live in the Center of the Bug Universe. There is no escape from bugs here. You can try, but you would not be successful.

The rainy season. No need to check the forecast from June to September. It will be ridiculously hot and rain at 3:00 p.m. Every day.

Needing to drive everywhere. Granted, part of this is because of where we chose to live, but everything here is very spread out. Running errands is not exactly convenient, and there's basically nothing that you can get to on foot.

Agent A and Stitch during our June 2013 Disney visit
On the other hand, I will miss . . . 

Not needing to wear bulky clothing, ever. Did I not just complain about the weather above? Twice? Well, the flip side of that is being able to wear light clothing year round, and (almost) never worrying about jackets. (Of course we feel "chilly" when the temperature drops below 70 degrees F, but whatever.)

Taking beach access for granted. Truth: We hardly ever go to the beach. But, just knowing that it's right there and we could go at any time is a nice perk of living here.

Proximity to The Mouse. This is without a doubt the single biggest thing I will miss about living in the Sunshine State. Oh, how I will miss being able to visit Mickey and company several times a year. And being able to take advantage of Florida resident passes and discounts. Sigh.

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