6 Parenting Milestones Not in the Books

You won't find these mentioned in most parenting discussions, but you will appreciate them when they happen. 

Not needing to dress for boob access. For years (years, people) I wore only two-piece outfits (no dresses, ever) and shirts that could easily be yanked up from the bottom. Not to mention very ugly bras. 

Being able to leave your coffee cup on the end table for 30 seconds. You can walk across the room to get something without fearing ninja child will grab it and smash it to the ground.

When your child can wipe their own butt (sufficiently). Do I really need to say more about this?

Playing the back yard alone. The kids, not you. The transition from needing to be right there lest they shove a rock up their nose to hey, I'll be inside doing xyz I'll check on you in a few minutes is quite freeing.

When your oldest child learns to read. Of course witnessing your "baby" reading a book from cover to cover is awesome in its own right, but how wonderful it is when they can read to their younger siblings so you can take advantage of the 90 second distraction?

No longer carrying a ginormous bag for quick errands. Letting go of the backpack/diaper bag and just carrying a normal-sized purse out the door was a nice change. Of course we still "pack" for longer trips, but for typical day-to-day outings we can get away with a minimum of stuff.

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