One Dozen Words

A just for fun list post today: I asked the Senior Agents to share some words that describe themselves.

Coming up with 12 words was much harder for Agent E than for Agent J. I think that speaks to their personalities pretty well. J could have come up with 20 more; I had to encourage and prompt E just to get 12.

A few words are quite similar, but I left them as is.

And I know it would only be fair for me to create my own list. But I didn't. (Not for this post, anyway.) 

(Note: I put all the words in alphabetical order, so they are not in the order they suggested them. However, Agent J's first word was "kind-hearted" and Agent E's first word was "creative.")

January 2009

Agent J's List: 
beautiful, clever, creative, funny, gorgeous, helpful, imaginative, kind-hearted, musical, perfect, stylish, sweet

Agent E's List: 
artistic, bookworm, clever, creative, funny, helpful, nice, pretty, quiet, shy, smart, writer
February 2014

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