Second Grade Review: Art and Music

This is the last summary for second grade I'll be posting. So far I've shared what we did throughout the year with Agent E for Reading and WritingMathSocial Studies, and Science and Health.

Following are ten things we covered for art/music and related subjects. (And yes; I'm considering sewing, cooking, and film to be "art" here.)

1. Classical Music
2. Composers
3. Instruments

Both girls were more into this than I envisioned. Two websites we really enjoyed were Sphinx Kids and Classics for Kids. We also read several books on composers and classical music in general, including Cool Classical Music: Create & Appreciate What Makes Music Great! by M. Lindeen, Lives of the Musicians: Good Times, Bad Times (And What the Neighbors Thought) by K. Krull, and When Stravinsky Met Nijinsky: Two Artists, Their Ballet, and One Extraordinary Riot by L. Stringer.

4. Artists
5. Paintings

We combined this a bit with our world geography and landmarks study, but I think we might try to do that a little more intentionally next time around. One of our favorite reads was 13 American Artists Children Should Know by B. Finger.

6. Fun With Art

This would be otherwise known as embracing messiness and creating various Agent masterpieces with paint, glue, paper, crayons, chalk, and whatever is lying around the house.

A while back I saw this quote about art (specifically in regard to children's "projects") and I don't know the source, but I love it: If you can do it wrong, it's not art.

Agent J making use of our new art desk
7. Sewing
8. Crocheting

We didn't get too far on this, because Momma does not do either, but the interest is definitely there. Agent E did a few sewing projects from kits, and practiced making crochet chains. She wants to learn more, but that skill may need to be learned elsewhere. I can thread a needle. Maybe sew on a button if I'm desperate. Then, I'm out.

9. Cooking

Discovered during our last kitchen venture that studying fractions more closely needs to be on the agenda. We had to double a recipe and I realized we never really worked on doing much with fractions, just learned the very basics of them being parts of a whole. Adding fractions and doubling/halving recipes will definitely be included going forward. (Honestly, I'm not sure when I learned to add fractions. Third grade? Later? Hmm.)

10. Film Production

This is our excuse to watch the same movies over and over and indulge our love of You Tube "making of" videos. Agent E cannot "just" watch a movie, ever. We did pick up a few books about the making of Star Wars (because, Star Wars) and then started getting lots of So you want to be a . . .  director, actor, producer, designer, editor, etc. type reads for kids. She is especially obsessed with interested in special effects.

Next year our state guidelines indicate we must cover "music" and "visual arts" but I'm not sure exactly what that will look like for us. We will likely include most of the same topics again, just in greater depth.

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