Envisioning Our New School Room

We've never really had a defined school room at our house, or even somewhere we tend to "do" school more often. I think I might like to change that for the coming school year.

We're moving soon (inside of four weeks now) and we're on summer break while we prepare. No photo-worthy, semi-educational-looking areas of the house exist right now. (Unless you count the half dozen boxes of books I already packed up so Agent A has fewer bookshelves to empty out. Because, seriously, that was getting old.)

So even though I can't show you much, I can tell you this: Moving just prior to beginning the school year is awesome. You would think it might be stressful or disorienting, but it's really quite wonderful, because it gives you a sense of truly starting fresh. 

Plus, you have plenty of time to come up with all sorts of potential school room and organizational ideas that you may or may not implement and obsess over them.

Now, I haven't actually seen the house we are moving into next month. (I know that probably seems weird to some people. For a military spouse it's totally normal.) I've see pictures of it (inside and out) but Dear Hubby made the check-it-out-in-person house-hunting trip solo. But just having a general idea of the configuration gives my imagination enough to work with.

For example, this new house has a formal dining room, which is something we simply don't need. So . . . that could be where we put the Agents' desk (the one we converted from a crib) as well as some of their art supplies, toys, and books. Not quite the play room that we have now, but dedicated space for them, and maybe sort of a "home base" for school-ish stuff. 

Also, one of the bedrooms has a little "extra" area attached to it (I think it's supposed to be a sitting room), which we are probably going to use as an office, but the design and location would make it a perfect "library" and reading nook area for the kids, too. (Kind of like our homeschool room annex.) Agent E has already asked about moving our rocking chair (which we no longer use to rock babies, sniff) in there so she can curl up with a book by the window. 

In addition, for the first time in our married lives we will be living in a house with a basement. It's unfinished, and I don't anticipate using it on a regular basis, but it definitely opens up a lot more storage options than we've had in the past. This will hopefully translate into less clutter in the main areas of the house. I'm all about minimizing clutter and only leaving accessible what we truly need on a regular basis. (Although you wouldn't believe that if you looked at my house now. Ahem.)

Another cool feature is that at the top of the stairs on the landing there is this sort of built-in "desk" with bookshelves and a small cabinet. It's not very big, but it could serve the purpose of mission control.

We've also considered the possibility of giving the kids the master bedroom, which means we'd be able to fit the aforementioned desk as well as most of their stuff in one room, rather than trying to create a separate school/play area. All three Agents are young enough that they actually want to share a bedroom, and realistically they need the space more than we do right now. (We would still overtake the walk-in closet, though, because, well, you know.)

So right now we don't typically have a specific place where we do school, but I think after the move we may give it a try. I can't promise it will work out, or that we won't end up sprawled over the whole house like we always do, but I like the idea of having a centralized location from which to start.

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