Not Back To School Photos

We haven't started our new school year just yet. We are moving soon and planning to pick up again around 15 September. Right now we are just enjoying our summer break and attempting to make this move as smooth as possible.

So, these back to school photos are not technically the real deal, but will have to suffice. I will probably share others once we get everything up and running at the new place.

It's hard to get a photo of Agent E by herself . . .
This is where you will usually find Agent E 
With her beloved Caroline doll
From her birthday in May
Agent J, however, will pose whenever, wherever . . .
Trying to look serious
This is a staged photo . . . no actual work is being done here
Classic first grade missing two front teeth smile
This little guy is coming along for the ride, too . . .
My three-and-a-half year old tornado
Why are you taking my picture again?
We will miss visiting Disney for our "school breaks" . . .
Agents E and J with Ewok Chipmunks
Just hanging out with our buddy Luke Skywalker

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