Transitioning to a Four-Day School Week

Although we decided to take some time off this summer I really enjoy the flexibility of homeschooling all year. So, after our Big Move in September we are going back to that year round schedule.

Here's how we're going to make it happen:

Our official state regulations indicate that I must provide the "substantial equivalent of 180 days of instruction" and that quarterly reports "shall be spaced in even and logical periods."

Fine. I can do that. In a new and improved, Agent-ified way.

The traditional school calendar has kiddos attending school 36 weeks per year in four nine-week increments. At five days per week, this adds up to 45 days per quarter or the magical 180 days total. 

Using a year round schedule instead means we have 52 weeks to get to that same magic number of days. We are simply working with 13-week quarters instead of nine-week quarters and spreading things out a bit.

Even if we only "did school" four days a week (taking every Friday off) we would accumulate 52 days per quarter (4 days per week for 13 weeks) . . . seven more than the required 45. Which means that in addition to having one "free" day a week all year, we could still take 28 additional days per year (7 per quarter x 4 quarters) as time off for vacations or traveling or holidays.

Also, if we change our minds, or if we want to take a larger block of time off for some reason, we can just temporarily (or permanently) add Fridays back in to our school weeks to make up the time with minimal effect on the overall plan

This is sounding pretty good to me.

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