New State, New School Year, New Madness

We officially began our 2014-2015 school year on 15 September. So, technically we have completed two full weeks, although the first one was quite honestly kind of a blur, because we also moved into our new house that week. Following is a little about what we've done so far.

Week one we mostly spent trying to wrap our brains around homeschooling in a new state, organizing the school/play room, and going over our chosen curriculum ideas

We talked a lot about what kinds of things we'll be working on for this first quarter, gave a lot of impromptu "home ec" lessons on setting up a house, and got library cards. Mostly we just eased ourselves into our new routine and explored the area a bit. As usual, the Agents did a lot of independent reading as well. 

We're just going to call that one Life Skills Week and move on.

This week we got down to business with more "school-ish" stuff and a regular plan. 
Agent J and a crazy fountain, just because.
For math, Agent E (3rd) worked on adding and subtracting three- and four-digit numbers (with carrying and borrowing) and word problems. Agent J (1st) worked on greater than/less than and telling time.

For language arts we are learning about parts of speech. This week we focused on nouns, conjunctions, and prefixes (which I know aren't really parts of speech, but humor me). Once again we are using the Words Are CATegorical book series by Brian Cleary. Both girls also practiced their writing.

We began our geography studies by learning about the continents and oceans. Our goal is to become familiar with where the countries and bodies of water and mountains and islands and such are (big picture) and then start studying one country per week. I'm sure it would probably help if we unpacked our world map and hung it up. ;-)

We decided to read biographies of famous Americans as part of our US history studies. We are starting with George Washington and Betsy Ross. Our new library has a whole wall devoted to biographies, so we may just work our way through randomly.

Once again we're talking about outer space (per Agent J's request). Didn't really do much this week other than read a book or two, but this is a topic we come back to often. Have I mentioned that Agent J's current chosen career aspiration is Author Astronaut? (Writing books about space, from space. Yeah, I know.)

Trying to introduce some basic first aid skills for health this quarter. We've been reading about common illnesses and injuries and brainstorming ideas for self-care. 

We ended up doing some work on Friday (today) even though we fully intend to implement our four day school week going forward. I don't really feel like we're in our groove yet, and I'm hoping to feel more accomplished at the end of next week than I do at the end of this one.

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