Finding Our (New) Groove

We are settling in to our new home and our new school year, trying to find our way around and attempting to meet other humans. So far, so good . . . although we still have some unpacking to do. Tell me I'm not the only one who takes weeks, um, months, to get everything the way I want it?

Here's a little about what we did this week, by subject. Both Agents follow the same "plan" even though they are two grade levels apart (3rd and 1st). We adjust as needed as we go along.

Math: Agent E continued to work on adding/subtracting three- and four-digit numbers. Agent J asked to do addition from her new workbook every day. (Um, who is this kid?) Agent J is also learning how to tell time (analog and digital, 12-hour and 24-hour clock). That's more of a work in progress, though.

Language Arts: Another trip to the library meant another huge selection of books to read through. I have kind of given up keeping track of how much time they spend on independent reading, but I still keep book lists for each of them. Both worked on their writing, and we also talked about the difference between common and proper nouns. Agent E is showing a renewed interest in cursive writing; not sure where that will lead. 

Geography: We finally hung up our giant world and US maps. Right now we're still discussing the continents and oceans and doing more "big picture" stuff. We introduced lines on the globe/map (e.g., equator, prime meridian) and what they mean. We decided to start studying individual states more in-depth again . . . we plan to take out books for a "state of the week" project the next time we visit the library. 

Agent A in action
History: In addition to the inevitable overlap with geography, we are also trying to tie in more "lessons" with the historical fiction stories the girls are reading. We also introduced the pledge of allegiance and talked a bit about the flag. Seemed to fit in well since the biography we were reading most recently was Betsy Ross.

Science: Our space study kind of took a seat on the back burner this week. Although, Agent J found a random science book at the library that she insisted on bringing home . . . I think the only reason is because it was titled Feel the Force and she was like, ooh! Just like Star Wars! We ended up reading it a couple of times and the Agents really enjoyed it.

Health: One of our focus points for this quarter is on basic first aid. We found a book about babysitting that discussed a lot of the issues we wanted to bring up, so that's what we used. It also addressed some other issues we intend to cover, like safety around the house and in the community. This is one of those things that ends up being more of an ongoing conversation than a lesson, per se. 

Music: Found a couple of wonderful books on different music genres, including one that came with a CD so we can listen to samples. The Agents love music and have talked about wanting lessons, but . . . eh. I'm not sure any of them are ready.

Art: We are starting by looking at the basic elements of art (line, color, etc.). Of course, with the Agents the ages they are, "art" in our house usually means random and messy creative-ness. One thing I try to stress is that there are no "mistakes" or "doing it wrong" when it comes to art. This is especially important for my oldest, who tends to be a bit of a perfectionist with certain things.

PE: We found an awesome new playground and went not once, but twice, this week. One of the days I even met a fellow homeschooling Momma. Yay! 

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