Weeks 3 and 4: Learning On the Go

We have been away from home for the last ten days, visiting my mom in Pennsylvania. (Long story short, my dad is very ill and not going to recover and we were going crazy being a state away feeling like we were just waiting around for bad news. So I threw the Agents and Fluffy in the car and made a quick, easy 500-mile trip. That last part is a lie.)
Senior Agents chilling at the hotel on our trip here
But, we have managed to do school on the road, and we may have even learned a few things the past two weeks.

Both girls have been working on their math . . . Agent J is getting much better with doing simple addition and subtraction in her head, and Agent E has been practicing multiplication tables and basic division. Some fractions, and multiplying of larger numbers, but we discovered we need some review before we get too far with that. 

For language arts we looked at synonyms and antonyms and homonyms and homophones. Brian Cleary has a very cool website for learning about grammar.

We're still obsessed with states, and capitals, and maps. Agent E likes me to "quiz" her on the state capitals and other things. Found some cool books about maps and globes and geography at the library that we brought with us. 

(Our library has a four-week borrowing limit, and then you can still renew online after that unless it's on hold, so we brought a ton of books with us.)

We are trying to get back on track with our space study. This super cool graphic helped to renew the Agents' interest. (And it kind of blew their minds in the process.)

Last weekend was Star Wars Reads Day, and we had to attend. Came home with a few new books (which we hardly ever do, we just use the library). But, it was super fun and there were cupcakes.

Vader is Agent A's favorite
PE class has mostly been in the back yard, although we did make it to a local park one day this week as well. (Where I ran over a nail. And, now I need a new tire. And, grrr.)

Of course, traveling in general opens up all sorts of potential tangents for "school" time. And, we follow all of them, because, well, it's what we do.

Overall we've been moving pretty slow compared to the first two weeks of the school year, but still plugging along.

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