12 Awesome Plans for Summer

Yesterday Agent J sat down and wrote a list of 12 things she wants to do this summer.

(Have I mentioned it's like zero degrees here and we're all dreaming of warm?)

Anyway, this is what she came up with. #1 is probably a tad unrealistic. #3 and #5 are already on the agenda. #8 is definitely not happening. 

  1. Ride a unicorn
  2. Go on a roller coaster
  3. Go to New York City
  4. Get a trampoline
  5. Get swimming lessons
  6. Have a parade
  7. Go scootering
  8. Beg my dad to get another cat
  9. Have a dance show
10. Get a new My Little Pony toy
11. Get a guitar
12. Learn how to do a cartwheel

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