Homeschool Math Resources for Early Elementary

Following are some wonderful tools we use in our homeschool for teaching math. We've found most of the books at the library, and the websites and Kindle games are/were all free. Amazon (usually) has the best price for the workbooks. This entire list is Agent-approved. :-)

If you think you can't encourage basic math skills by reading interesting books about math, think again. Go to Amazon or your local library's search page and type in "children's math books" and tell me you're not smiling. Some of our favorites include

We've considered others, but keep coming back to these. They are the perfect combination of fun yet challenging, providing essential practice without being dry.
  •  School Zone Math Basics
  •  Star Wars by Workman Press (Unfortunately they only go up to 2nd grade right now, but we're hoping that will change.)
  •  Brain Quest (Also includes language arts, science, and social studies.)
  •  Let's Grow Smart (Found these in the Target dollar section . . . They are printed by a different publisher now; this link will take you to that website.)

Websites (Games)

Websites (Free Printables)

Kindle Games

  • Legos rock for teaching math. From the super-early stuff (counting, sorting, patterns), to simple addition and subtraction, to multiplying and dividing, to fractions and percentages . . . so many math concepts can be explained/reinforced with those cute little colorful blocks.
  • Don't have a set of Legos? Crayons or markers work just as well.
  • Using different types of cereal (or even M and Ms) works, too . . . as long as your students don't eat their work. (Maybe do math right before snack time?)


  1. These are great rescources! I'm so glad I found this at the SHINE blog hop. Thank You!

    1. Thanks for visiting, Erin. Have a great day.