20 Great Things About Homeschooling

As we wrap up our fourth homeschooling year and look forward to planning our fifth, I thought I should remind myself of some of the many reasons we continue to choose this path (even on the days I think we must all be crazy for considering it).

  1. Relaxed mornings (no morning rush out the door or school drop off)
  2. Relaxed afternoons (no worries about being back out the door at a particular time for school pick up)
  3. Weather forecasts no longer faze us (rainy day or impending snowstorm? simply adjust plans as needed)
  4. Making our own calendar (without regard to school breaks)
  5. Traveling during the off-season (Disney World in October, anyone?)
  6. School work takes up surprisingly little of our days (in the younger grades, anyway)
  7. More time for reading (literally hundreds of books logged each year)
  8. Go to bed when tired and get up when rested (no alarm clocks means little bodies find their own rhythms)
  9. Illness no longer consumes us (not having to choose between dragging the sick one out or having a healthy one miss school)
  10. Extra opportunities for sibling bonding (Agents E and J refer to each other as SBFFs—sister best friends forever)
  11. Kids can be kids (more time to play or simply do nothing)
  12. No homework or standardized test stress (for kids or parents)
  13. Spending more time with Daddy (can work around Hubby's often crazy schedule)
  14. Momma gets to learn alongside the Agents (this part is more fun than I anticipated)
  15. Avoiding post-school, late-afternoon grumpies (you know, when they hold it together all day then melt into a puddle for you)
  16. Lots of extra outside play (in the middle of the day if we want)
  17. Lesson planning is fun (if you're a geek who likes that sort of thing)
  18. No summer slide loss of skills (because you can't turn learning off)
  19. No worries about how to keep the kids occupied during school breaks (just business as usual around here)
  20. Time to follow any rabbit holes we want when it comes to learning

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