2015-2016 School Plans: Art

This is (finally) the last in the series on our academic plans for the upcoming school year. (Although I will likely be rambling about some additional "non-academic" planning in a future post or posts.) Today I would like to share a bit about what we will cover for art.

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Our homeschool regulations indicate we must include "visual arts" in our studies, but gives no specific guidelines as to what should be covered. In the past, we have focused on famous artists, paintings, architecture (landmarks), and film. Of course, we also have lots of free time creative art play (read: coloring and mess making) as well.

I saw a quote once, and I've shared it before, although I still don't know the source. But I love it:

If you can do it wrong, it's not art.

This is pretty much the message we try to convey as we discuss and study and explore and create art.

For next year we have decided to use DK Publishing's Children's Book of Art as our primary text. (This is basically the art equivalent of the book we are using for music.) It is divided into three main sections: early art, modern art, and sculpture. I wanted something that would provide a basic art history background while being colorful and fun enough to remain engaging.

As with our other subjects, we have a number of websites we frequent to complement our art studies, including DLTK's Crafts for Kidseducation {dot} com,  Making Art Fun, and Super Coloring.

We'll also be combining art and our love of Disney as we continue to practice drawing characters with Learn to Draw Disney's Mickey Mouse and His Friends and maybe check out some others in the series.

We may even try to visit a few art museums in the area, although the Agents did not find our last attempt terribly impressive.

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