Dream Book List

If I had unlimited funds to create the ideal homeschool library, the following authors/publishers would definitely make the list. All are Agent approved.

{Note: While our local library does carry some of these, they don’t have complete sets of any of them. Also, I’m just thinking of non-fiction for the purposes of this post. I could write dozens more on all the workbooks and classics and fiction series I would have unlimited access to in my imaginary home library!}

If you haven’t discovered these gems yet, you need to check them out. They cover a huge variety of subjects and are just oodles of fun.

Funny and informative books on grammar and math that kids actually want to read.

The Sir Cumference math books are the best. 

In addition to an awesome collection of picture book biographies, he also writes about math, science, presidents, and holidays.

Too many to choose from, but if I had to narrow it down I would go with the Eyewitness Books and the Visual Encyclopedias.

Lovely books that explain science concepts to young children in a way that is simple yet will keep older kids’ attention as well.

Just perusing the kids books section on the website makes me giddy.

Writes the Getting To Know series. We’ve read most of the presidents, and are just getting started with artists. Also writes about inventors, scientists, and composers.

Beautiful science books for kids that adults will enjoy as well.

The collection written for children introduces science and history (among other subjects) in a way that is thorough yet understandable. Plus they are beautiful and you will want to read them, too.

Also includes Who Is . . .? What Was . . .? and Where Is . . .? Biographies and history lessons in a simple chapter book format.

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