My Ideal Home

In my adult life I’ve lived in seven US states (nine different cities total) and one foreign country. I’ve moved while single and married, without and with kids. My current residence has only been my home for ten months and I know in less than two years I’ll be leaving it as well. All this shuffling around has given me a pretty good idea of what I like and what I don’t like about my living accommodations. Following are ten things that I would make happen if I could choose the perfect home.

Ducks to visit would be a selling point for the Agents


My Dear Hubby likes to remind me that at one point I wholeheartedly insisted that if we had to live in a warm climate long-term I would miss the seasons, especially the coolness of fall and the snow in the winter. Ha! Give me toasty sunshine and year-round beach access, please. We spent two years living in Florida, and I would move back there in a heartbeat. My ideal home would include a climate where below 70 degrees F counts as “chilly."


While I used to be inclined to say the opposite, on the continuum of rural to urban I definitely lean city mouse. I don’t want to be dropped in the middle of Manhattan, per se, but I prefer a bit of bustle to crickets. I like being able to get to all my necessities with just a short drive, or better yet, by walking. I like a small town, feel, too, but honestly if I had to choose I would go with medium-ish.


I prefer a one-story house with an attached two-car garage. Basement not necessary (and not even an option in the south) but a partial attic would be good. I don’t know why having everything on one floor makes it seem so much more manageable, but it does. Also, not having to vacuum stairs. 


My ideal home would have three bedrooms and two full baths. Anything more than this is simply too much to clean. The “living area” would be open space with a small sitting room or dining room that we could use as a play/school room instead. I like having space for a guest room or office, but these could easily be combined. We’ve also lived in two different houses where the master bedroom had “extra” space just off of the main area, and that worked perfectly as a small office space. The laundry room would include a utility tub, because, Agents. 

They've been known to do this

Storage Space

Of course, my dream home is consistently neat and uncluttered. A sufficient number of kitchen cabinets and drawers (don’t you hate when kitchens don’t have enough drawers?) and a large pantry would be necessities. Also, nice-sized closets in each of the bedrooms and a separate hallway/linen closet. Each bathroom would have drawers, or cabinets, or shelves, or even a closet for keeping things accessible but out of sight. A coat closet and/or shelves in the laundry room would be good, too.


Large enough for a patio/grill area and running space for the Agents. Even though the Senior Agents are at the ages where they can play outside without direct guidance and I don’t fear they will wander off or run into the street, Agent A is, um, not quite there yet. I love me a fenced-in yard. I know it’s not foolproof or a substitution for supervising, but it does help tremendously. Plus, privacy.

Nearby Amenities

I like being able to walk to at least a few places, partly for the convenience and partly because I hate driving. Our current home is easy walking distance (less than 1/2 mile) from two playgrounds, the pharmacy, car maintenance place, a mini-mart, my dentist, Dunkin Donuts (!), at least one coffee/sandwich shop, and several other small businesses. I like being in a residential area yet close enough to be able to walk to a handful of regular stops. Right now we live about one mile from the closest library; if I could move that a wee bit closer I would. 

Educational Opportunities

While I don’t mind driving short distances, I’m not going to regularly pop all three kids in the car and venture out two hours away for a field trip. Having at least a few options for museums, zoos, science centers, or other educational venues within 30 minutes or so would be great. 

Mickey Mouse

If I could move my dream house to within a few hours’ drive of Walt Disney World, Disneyland, or any of the cruise terminals where Disney Cruise Lines departs, I would be a very happy gal. I’ve had serious Disney withdrawal since moving to New York. 

Simplified Travel

Because I hate flying, I would also miraculously manage to put my fantasy house in a location that is within an easy drive of any relatives I might want to visit. Of course this might involve moving some US cities around like puzzle pieces. Not sure that would work.

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