Agent Homeschooling 2015-2016: Week 5

This past week we traveled to Pennsylvania and West Virginia to visit relatives. (Hence the very late posting for the weekend wrap-up.) Even though I assumed we would do at least a little work while gone—and packed accordingly—we ended up taking our first week truly “off” from school. 

Of course both Senior Agents did a bit of reading, but for them that’s like pointing out they also ate and slept. Agent E (4th) is currently reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Agent J (2nd) started another Goddess Girls

On Thursday we visited the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, and all three Agents had a lot of fun. We would have liked to visit more kid-friendly and educational places in the area (there are many) but truthfully I can’t stand the drive (which is only an hour but feels longer because driving in Pittsburgh is, um, interesting).

Senior Agents enjoyed the science center's Robot Hall of Fame
Our cat, Agent C, decided this would be the perfect week to get super sick and need to visit the local vet. She has actually been acting kind of weird lately, not eating much and generally slugging around not doing much (even more than what is normal cat behavior). Long story short, her asthma is back and she is on a variety of meds for the next month. She’s still not eating much (she lost two pounds this month) but hopefully once her lungs clear up she’ll be back to her usual cat self. Too bad she became so ill during our visit, as she actually knows and likes my mom’s house and would have enjoyed the many lounging and window opportunities. Instead she spent our whole visit hiding under the bed.

We also visited my father’s grave for the first time; we were last in the area the week of his funeral. While we were there I showed the Agents where their great-grandparents are buried and talked a bit about our family tree. Agent E in particular was saddened to see the gravestone for my dad’s older brother, who died as an infant from diphtheria. 

Overall, the Agents were glad to spend some time with relatives from both sides of the family and as always said the week went way too fast. We all feel like we didn’t get to do as much as we hoped, and they are already looking forward to a return trip.

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