Cell Cake: Yummy Homeschool Science

The Senior Agents and I were discussing cells this week as part of our homeschool health and science studies, and decided to make an edible replica.

My eager helpers, ready to get started.

The animal cell model we used. This is from DK Publishing’s Life As We Know It (Putting the buzz back into biology!) by Robert Winston.

Potential organelles. We pulled out everything we could find that might work, but only ended up using about half.

We originally planned a double-layer cake, but decided to go with a single-layer cake and 12 cupcakes instead.

Admit it: The best part of making cake.

We wanted to make a lighter blue frosting for the cytoplasm, and a darker blue frosting for the cell membrane, but I think the colors turned out too similar.

A cupcake became the nucleus. An Oreo cookie (frosted a slightly different color) became the nucleolus (with some sprinkles for ribosomes). We used Airhead candies (cut into strips) for the endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi complex. Mitochondria were a random pink candy we still had left from Halloween (don’t judge) and we made lysosomes out of Skittles.

This is what our finished cake looked like. It definitely won’t win any awards.

Afterward, we lined up cupcakes to illustrate one cell becoming two cells, becoming four cells, etc. We had four cupcakes left, so we simply declared those “extra enzymes” and put them on a plate by themselves. Om Nom approves.

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