Our Homeschool Space (and Beyond)

We began our 5th year of homeschooling on 1 July with Agent E (grade 4), Agent J (grade 2), and Agent A (kindergarten). We are venturing back into year-round schooling, as this seems to work best for us.

This past week we decided to reorganize some of the most-used spaces in our house. While we don’t have a single, dedicated place specifically for “school,” we do have certain rooms we tend to be in the most, as well as specific areas to store supplies and books and toys and generally keep everything together.

{Truth: I took pictures immediately after cleaning and want to remember with photographic evidence that glorious 12 seconds when everything still looked neat.}

This cute little desk area is part of the kitchen. I try to keep what is on top of it to a minimum (our calendar, currently charging electronics, my purse). The cabinets are where we store spine books when we aren’t using them, workbooks we haven’t started yet, and most of our art supplies.

This is what the inside looks like.

Around the corner from the kitchen, we have this little nook in the hallway that was really just empty space, so we decided to put a bookshelf and a little table there.

The bookshelf holds all of the books we have out of the library. In general, the top shelf is Agent E and J’s fiction selections, the middle shelf is books relating to our current school subjects, and the bottom shelf is for Agent A. The books on the very top of the bookshelf itself are Agents E and J’s current reads.

I used to keep our current week’s school books out on the kitchen counter, but I moved them to this table instead. (I despise clutter and countertops with too much stuff drive me batty.)

We made the room intended to be the formal dining room into a playroom instead. (Way more practical for our current family setup.) This cool bookshelf is against one wall. (It has not been cleaned yet, as evidenced by the number of falling-apart board books and random crap across the top.)

Our state map has been a playroom staple for a long time. Note the adorable photo of toddler Agent A on the wall.)

The other corner of the room, including baby photos Agent E and Agent J. The toybox used to be brown until Hubby gave it an “upgrade” with chalkboard paint and purple trim.

The window seat, which we use as an extra shelf. I couldn’t get the whole flag in the picture because the overhead light produced too much glare. (Fun fact: It actually flew on a deployed U.S. Navy ship . . . little perk of Dad being the captain.)

Our world map and crib turned desk/bed. Thinking of repurposing this yet again into storage cubes or shelves. We would move the mattress to the floor to create a new reading nook.

We have some random posters hanging on the wall as well, like this multiplication table.

And this Little Pim one, hanging above even more stuffed animals.

This table is in the corner of our living room. We bought it at IKEA five years ago, and at various times it has actually been clean, just not currently. We have a crayon bin but Agent A tells me he prefers them this way.

We also have an art easel/magnetic letter board. Agent A has a lot of fun with it spelling the unpronounceable, vowel-less names of his imaginary friends.

In spite of all these spaces dedicated to toys, they still spill over into the living room.

Most of our school work actually gets done at the kitchen table (or on the couch).

While I’m sharing photos of our house looking neat . . . we re-arranged the Senior Agents’ bedroom this weekend. Note the Star Wars meets American Girl meets space meets cute and fluffy theme.

Yoda and Stitch plan to take over the world! Or at least this side of the room.

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