Agent Homeschooling 2015-2016: Week 10

Posting a little late this week because we spent the last few days in Boston. Among other stops, the Agents enjoyed a return trip to the Museum of Science as well as a visit to the Boston Children’s Museum. So, a short three-day school week, but still wanted to include an update.

Waiting for the museum to open
Math: Agent J (2nd) has decided she wants to learn multiplication. I was a little hesitant, because she is really still working hard to nail down basic addition and subtraction facts (and we haven’t even introduced carrying and borrowing). I thought maybe I should hold off on introducing a new math concept until we spend more time on adding and subtracting, but she is curious so we’re going with it. Agent E (4th) is working more on multiplication of 2- and 3-digit numbers and basic division. We also read another Sir Cumference selection.

The boy loves his magnetic letters
Language Arts: This week we looked at homonyms, homophones, and homographs (which, honestly, I need to think about for a second so I don’t get them mixed up). Next week we will probably take a break from new topics and do another review. Of course the girls both packed books for our travels. Agent J finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets this weekend and Agent E is working on a Monster High selection. Even Agent A (K) packed several books, although we mostly just read the Biscuit one over and over. (He might like that little puppy a bit.)

The Agents enjoyed the Arthur-themed area
Geography: Continuing with our detailed look at the earth, we read more about the earth’s crust and began discussing plates. We never did get around to exploring the phases of the moon with Oreos, so perhaps we’ll add that to next week’s agenda.

History: We put our world history spine aside for a bit to concentrate on world religions. This week we began looking in more detail at Judaism. We still have a few interesting books we haven’t gotten to yet, so we will likely continue next week. 

Building with giant foam blocks
Music: Woodwinds were on the agenda this week. Agent E has been learning notes ands songs on the recorder and keyboard. I have no musical talent or experience whatsoever, so she’s on her own. She ended up taking more of an interest that what I anticipated, and doesn’t seem to mind that she pretty much has to teach herself.

PE: Between all the walking and the interactive museum exhibits and the playground down the street from the hotel, I think we had PE covered this week. 

Agent J halfway up the three floor climbing structure
We did not specifically cover science, health, or art during our three-day school week. Back to a (mostly) full schedule this week. No more travel plans on the horizon in the short term.

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