Agent Homeschooling 2015-2016: Week 13

Today marks the end of lucky week 13. Here’s a summary of what we did.


For math this week we focused on division (Agent E, 4th) and money (Agent J, 2nd). As much as Agent E loves math, long division is pretty much the bane of her existence. (I can say I blame her.) Agent J is getting there with figuring out coins and dollars and counting currency. Really, though, we don’t use a lot of cash in our day-to-day occurrences, so she doesn’t have the exposure. We’re working on telling time as well . . . to the hour and half hour is pretty solid, but we’re still practicing the smaller increments. We finished up Life of Fred Apples (J) and Ice Cream (E). (Apples is the first book and very basic, but had skipped it back when we started the series because at the time it wasn’t available at the library.)

Language Arts

Our topic this week was similes and metaphors. I’m thinking of moving onto punctuation next, but we may need another review week soon. Both Senior Agents have a reading comprehension workbook they work through (a page or two a day). And of course we’re never lacking reading material around here. Agent J is currently reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Agent E is re-reading one of her favorite American Girl selections.


We talked about tsunamis, although we probably should have included them in our discussion of earthquakes last week. We also read about the development of tsunami warning systems. We’re almost through the first major section (planet earth) of our geography spine book. After that we’ll be moving on to a more detailed look at rocks and minerals.


Evolution continues to be a favorite study. We’re currently working our way through two books, The Human Story and Evolution Revolution, and hope to wrap those up next week. We also looked this week at early writings, including Egyptian and Mayan hieroglyphs. For our world religions overview, we concentrated on Islam. We found a cool book series at the library called This Is My Faith which gives the basics of faiths around the world from a 10-12 year old child’s point of view.


We decided to begin a more detailed study of mammals. I’m certain this interest was influenced, at least in part, by our recent viewing of Life of Mammals on Netflix. So far we focused mainly on general characteristics, but we intend to study specific groups of mammals individually, beginning next week with marsupials.


This week we covered the muscular system, although that will continue into next week. We may do a review here soon as well. As usual the Agents enjoyed some of the great human body resources from KidsHealth.


Our art and music spine books coincidently matched up this week, so we looked at Chinese art and Chinese music. Then we read a book of Chinese poems about musical instruments, with sidebar descriptions of each instrument. We also finally ordered Agent E a keyboard, and it has been a huge hit. I know nothing about music, so she’s teaching herself from books, worksheets, sheet music from the library, and an inexpensive recorder. She absolutely loved being able to try out a few simple songs on an actual keyboard. 


We still go outside each day after lunch, and we’re grateful it’s still warm enough to do so sans shoes. With the early darkness setting in, going out after dinner to play will be coming to an end soon. For now we’ve moved dinner half an hour earlier so we can still take advantage as long as we can. Last night the Agents and I walked a mile around our neighborhood. It’s a nice leisurely stroll with good sidewalks and no traffic so we should probably do that more. Agent J and I have kind of gotten away from our exercise videos we were doing. Not sure if we’ll pick that back up again or not.

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