Agent Homeschooling 2015-2016: Week 15

This week I’m trying a new format and simply bullet-listing what we worked on in each subject. This would also be known as, it’s week 15 of these updates and full sentences/paragraphs are too much for this incredibly lazy blogger. I’ve also given up on listing PE as a separate category because I can only say we don’t do anything formal but still get lots of exercise and sometimes walk around the block so many different ways.

  • practiced multiplication tables (both Agents, adjusted for grade level)
  • introduced two-digit addition using carrying and using partial sums (Agent J)
  • introduced adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators (Agent E)
  • reviewed coin values and making change (Agent J)
  • read another selection from the Sir Cumference series
  • started reading Life of Fred Jelly Beans (Agent E)

Language Arts
  • learned about sentence structure (independent clauses vs. sentence fragments)
  • reviewed types of punctuation
  • differentiated between types of sentences (declarative, interrogative, exclamatory, command)
  • introduced prefixes and suffixes and how they change root words
  • read All The Books (per our usual)

  • reviewed numbers one through ten (pronouncing and spelling)
  • practiced saying the Spanish alphabet
  • discussed the difference between the formal and informal use of “you"
  • learned a few common words/phrases (hello, how are you, my name is)
  • introduced days of the week and months of the year

  • learned about the formation of volcanoes
  • discussed what happens when a volcano erupts and what is considered an “active” volcano
  • read stories about different volcanic eruptions around the world at different times in history
  • re-read Vacation Under the Volcano (a Magic Tree House favorite)
  • looked at photos from our trip to Pompeii (which neither of them remember; they were 2 and 4)

  • wrapped up the “really ancient history” (3000-700 BCE) section of our spine book
  • talked about the metal ages
  • discussed the finding of King Tut’s tomb
  • read a story about the life of an Egyptian scribe
  • found a reference to the Ark of the Covenant, which led to a desire to re-watch all the Indiana Jones movies (except Temple of Doom, because it’s creepy)
  • continued last week’s look at Hinduism (some world religions we spend one week on, some two)

  • discussed the differences between pouched, egg-laying, and placental mammals
  • learned about “extreme” mammals (fastest, largest, smallest, loudest, tallest, etc.)
  • watched Lions: Spy in the Den (hosted by our favorite narrator, David Attenborough, and available on Netflix)
  • continued reading through the book Evolution Revolution (focusing this week on genes)

  • began reading through the series of body books by Robie H. Harris (seriously; these are great)
  • talked about the differences between bacteria and viruses
  • completed the first of several planned germ experiments
  • decided to temporarily put our human body systems study on hold and focus on germs and more general “staying healthy” info

  • looked at Renaissance art (1400s-1500s), including Italian, Northern European, and German styles (very briefly; mostly they just tried to find the weirdest aspect of each sample in the book)
  • introduced rules of perspective
  • read about the “fools” (court jesters) of Medieval and Renaissance times
  • reviewed art history topics covered to this point

  • studied the contributions of Ziryab (on music as well as food, fashion, and hygiene)
  • practiced keyboard and recorder (primarily Agent E, although Agent J is beginning to take an interest)
  • reviewed music history topics covered to this point
  • began mini unit study on types of instruments (with coloring pages, because, coloring pages)


  1. They are too cute in their sunglasses!

  2. Your girls are adorable and learning tons from you! Well done, mamma!