Agent Homeschooling 2015-2016: Week 20

Not exactly sure how we managed to get through twenty weeks of the school year already, but here we are. We’re planning on a {relatively} light week next week and then taking the entire week of Thanksgiving “off” {around here we use that term loosely, as it’s not like we bring all educational endeavors to a sudden halt}.

Topics we’ve covered this week include the following:
  • place value and comparing numbers {math, 2nd}
  • multiplication and division word problems {math, 4th}
  • contractions, punctuation, and spelling {language arts}
  • review of numbers 1-20 and basic phrases {Spanish}
  • rocks, sand, and weathering {geography}
  • Alexander the Great and Socrates {history}
  • rabbits, hares, and pikas {science}
  • evolution and Charles Darwin {science and history}
  • circulatory system {health}
  • Vivaldi {music}
  • Cassatt, van Gogh, Matisse, and Klee {art}

Agent J {2nd} started new math, reading, and spelling workbooks. She previously did not strike me as a workbook gal, but she really enjoys them. Of course, they all have ample space for her to draw, color, and otherwise embellish while she works. And it doesn’t hurt that two of them feature Star Wars characters.

Agent E {4th} is working her way through Brain Quest 4, which covers language arts, math, science, and social studies. Each day she chooses three pages to complete from any section(s). This is her primary source of written work, as most of our studies tend to be more book-based. 

We began including Little Pim in our Spanish studies again. So far we’ve watched Eating and Drinking and Wake Up Smiling. {We own the DVDs, but they are also free on Amazon Prime.}

We’ve been watching more Cosmos and Blue Planet, both available on Netflix and highly recommended by the Agents. {Our Netflix list keeps growing; I think we have about 60 science and history documentaries in the queue right now. There are just so many good options!}

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