7 Things We {Almost} Never Do At Disney

We really love Disney around here. It’s one of the things we miss most about living in Florida. We’ve been to Walt Disney World several times, and while we like to find new experiences each time, there are a few things we just don’t ever {or rarely} do.
January 2014
Yes, Agent J broke her arm 72 hours prior.

Yes, all of our pictures look like this.
Magic hours. This “extra” time at one park each day (either prior to the usual opening time or past the usual closing time) does nothing for us. Our party of five doesn’t get anywhere by 8:00 a.m., and we’re all ready for bed no later than 10:00 p.m. Of course, when Hubby and I visited Disney back in the pre-Agent days, we took full advantage of this option. However, it just isn’t even on our radar now.

Fireworks. They are loud {a huge turn-off for all three Agents, especially Agent E} and late in the evening {after dark, duh} when we’re already wanting to head back to the hotel. We purposely scoot out of the park before they start. This often translates into less wait time for the bus as well, since most folks do want to stick around for them.

Parades. The only way I’m going to get a good view {let alone the Agents} is to show up an hour early {or more} and claim curb space. I simply refuse to waste that kind of time at Disney. Plus, the Agents would be bored out of their minds {and think I were crazy} if I asked them to stand and wait for an hour so we then can stand and wait for a ten-minute parade to pass. Instead we enjoy the thinner lines at the rides during parade times. We’ve also discovered that if you’re really curious you can watch the parades on YouTube.

Mid-day breaks. Even when our kids were babies/toddlers, we almost never went back to the hotel in the middle of the day for a rest and then come back to the parks—mostly because traveling back and forth takes so long, and ends up being more work than rest. {We made an exception when we were in Disneyland Paris; all hotels are within walking distance of the parks.} If we need to relax and do something low key with no standing in line, we find a play area or go to an indoor show.

Long lines. All hail the mighty fast pass! Seriously, we book these early and use them wisely. Of course you’re limited in the number you can get, so there will always be some attractions you will end up waiting for. However, very few offerings are worth spending more than 30 minutes in line, IMO. If the wait is longer than that, it gets skipped. We might make an exception for a hard-to-find character meet-and-greet, but even then only if it’s not too close to a mealtime, or the end of the day, or any other time when waiting too long might lead to disaster.

Souvenirs. Every once in a while we violate this rule, but generally we do not buy merchandise in the parks. If we do, it’s one small item for the Agents to share. There are some items that can only be found at the parks, so sometimes it is fun to pick something up that’s a unique park find, but in general if we want a Disney-themed product we wait until we can find it on sale elsewhere.

Try to see everything. Once you walk in the gate, even if you’ve planned out your visit and have the best intentions of not overdoing it, you will be sucked in. Suddenly all your grandiose plans for taking things slow and not pushing yourself to see and do it all will go right out the window. It’s so shiny! It’s so pretty! It’s so fun! See All The Things! Do All The Things! No matter how many visits we make, I have to accept the fact that this will happen on every. single. trip. This is where being a list-making planning nerd comes in handy. I need an agenda to rein myself in. Having a few primary must-do items on our list for each park helps tremendously here.

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