Agent Homeschooling 2015-2016: Week 23

We’re back in the swing of things after a last week’s Thanksgiving break. Now just two more weeks until another break for Christmas. And then a few weeks after that we go on vacation. Honestly, I’m not really sure I like the “choppiness” of our schedule this time of year. It looked better on paper back in June during the planning stages.

At any rate, we’re plugging along and just completed the fifth full month {July-November} of our homeschool year. Mostly our progress is on track {whatever that is} compared to what I envisioned at the beginning. The spine books we chose have worked out well. I quite like being able to have a primary book for each subject to keep us {okay, me} focused.

Here’s what we worked on this week for each subject:
  • Math: review of subtraction facts, multiplication, fractions
  • Language Arts: parts of a letter, steps for writing a short story
  • Spanish: capitalization, basic verbs
  • Geography: sedimentary rocks, fossils
  • History: 300-200 BCE, Inca mummies
  • World Religions: Judaism
  • Science: evolution {check out our favorite books here}, rodents
  • Health: respiratory system
  • Art and Music: Baroque period
  • PE: walking {1.5 miles/day} and outside play {new playset!}

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