Agent Homeschooling 2015-2016: Week 24

We had a relaxed homeschooling week here . . . nothing extra on the calendar, which is just the way I like it. Here's a quick list of what we worked on:
  • Math {4th}: addition and subtraction review, multiplication, division, rounding, word problems
  • Math {2nd}: addition and subtraction review, fractions, telling time
  • Language Arts {4th}: finding main ideas and supporting details, prefixes, vocabulary
  • Language Arts {2nd}: spelling, vocabulary, antonyms
  • Spanish: capitalization, polite and introductory words, days of the week
  • Geography: rock strata, Grand Canyon
  • History: 200-100 BCE, Judaism
  • Science: Charles Darwin, rodents
  • Health: respiratory system
  • Art: Jan Vermeer
  • Music: Johann Sebastian Bach
We watched Meet the Coywolf, The Greatest Places, Owl Power, and the first few episodes of Life of Birds {all on Netflix}. The girls have renewed their interest in SciGirls, so we are working our way through season two again {found this at the library}. We also finished re-watching all the episodes of Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab {again, yay, Netflix!}.

This weekend I’ll be putting together our second quarter report to send to the school district. {Homeschooling in New York = more paperwork than most.} After next week we will be taking a break until Tuesday, 5 January. We will spend part of that time at home and part traveling. Because we won’t be doing “formal” school for a few weeks, my plan for next week is to wrap up some current topics without taking on a lot of new ones, so a light end to 2015.

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