A Fitness Update: The One Where I Decide I Don’t Care

A few months ago I resolved to make fitness more of a priority in my life. And I have, sort of. 

I’ve become more conscious of certain decisions regarding my health. I’ve been walking more. I’ve made minor changes to my diet. I’ve started exercising {however minimally} most days.

Like most folks who start out on this path I thought my overall objective was to drop pounds. Lose inches. Be slimmer. Look oh so hot in {fill in the blank with something in my closet that hasn’t fit in a decade}.

Still I couldn’t get past this feeling that my motivation was all wrong. And then I finally realized why:

I. don’t. care.

There. I said it. Honestly, I don’t give a crap if I fit into an old pair of pants. Or a dress I wore ten years ago. Or any of the embarrassingly high number of swimsuits I own.

I may be an anomaly, but I truly do not have issues with my physical shape. It’s squishier than it used to be. It’s heavier than it used to be. It wears a different size than it used to. And I’m okay with that. 

The typical exercise goals are not enough to keep me on track. Which begs the question, well then what is going to inspire me? If I don’t care about the usual fitness endgame, what do I care about?

I thought hard about this one. I even made a list. Because, lists. But it really comes down to two points:

Setting an example for the Agents: They see me approaching exercise as simply a part of being a healthy human, not something you do in order to “fix” yourself.

Cultivating a habit in which I do something entirely for me: I’m not a martyr by any stretch, but let’s just say activities that benefit only me are at a minimum most of the time.

So that’s my current fitness outlook. Basically, I’m going to get in shape by not caring about getting in shape.

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