Discovering My True Fitness Motivation

The last time I stepped on the scale, I weighed exactly ten pounds more than what I consider my ideal weight. This number is quite arbitrary, really. It’s not what I weighed 20 years ago, or pre-Agents, or even during the years when I prioritized exercise more than I do now. It’s just a random guess that sounds good in my own head.

I saw this post floating around my newsfeed a while back, and I agree with the general premise. {The TL;DR version: Maybe your “ideal” body weight is really 5-10 pounds greater than you think it is, and that’s okay, because that “extra” weight is your fun, food-related memories with family and friends.} 

Then I had to consider: What if where I am now {weight-wise} is as good as it gets? What if I never lose those ten pounds? What if I never look any slimmer than I do today? What if my little tummy pouch stays with me for decades? {Infinitely cuter, BTW, when there’s a baby growing in there; not so much when your youngest is five.}

I’ve already written in previous posts about needing a new outlook on fitness, taking it slow with baby steps, and wanting to set an example for the Agents.

However, the truth is, my reasons for wanting to “get in shape” have never really been all that clear. In the three aforementioned posts, I’m sure I managed to contradict myself at least a dozen times. Fitness, weight, body image, motivation . . . it’s a fuzzy territory for me. But last week I had a mini-epiphany, if you will, about why I want and need to continue this haphazard quest for becoming more fit.

It all comes down to Mickey Mouse.

Well, not just Mickey Mouse, but bear with me.

Recently we went to Walt Disney World for a week. This is something we’ve done many times before, because we absolutely love, love, love everything Disney. {The pictures in this post, in the sidebar of this blog, and all over my social media pages might have been a giveaway.}

Do you know what you do at Disney? You walk. A lot. Like ten miles a day, a lot. And you stand in line. And you get into and out of small cramped ride cars {quickly, because people are waiting}. You depend on your body to be able to walk far, stand frequently, and move with relative agility.

And I want to be able to do that for as long as possible. Not only because of Disney {although it’s definitely one of my favorite destinations}, but also because as a family we like to travel, and traveling takes energy, as well as a certain degree of fitness to be able to pull it off with some regularity. 

I want to be able to spend all morning doing a walking tour of a new city. I want to be able to take my kids on roller coasters. I want to be able to travel comfortably by car, bus, train, plane, or cruise ship. I want my body to be in decent enough shape that I can do All The Travel-Related Things with ease.

And that is pretty much my “new” motivation and why I will continue to treat my body kindly and exercise with some consistency.


  1. What a great motivation, Valerie. Your love of Disney is certainly something worth being and staying fit for, but even more so is being to enjoy Disney's many splendors with your kids for years to come. There's nothing like a determined Momma and her path to success! Thanks so much for sharing this motivating piece on #SHINEbloghop. Happy you were able to join us this wee!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Maria. Have a great day.