Homeschool Update: Is February Over Yet?

We’re in a bit of a February slump, but plugging along. Here are some things we’ve been up to.

For math Agent E {4th} has been working on a variety of things from her Brain Quest 4 workbook, including geometry and measurement. Agent J {2nd} has been concentrating on telling time. I mentioned before that this seemed to be more of a challenge for her than it was for her sister, but we’ve been working on it and she’s feeling more confident with it now. This free interactive telling time app for the Kindle has helped. Agent E used the same app a few years ago, and I had kind of forgot about it until recently.

Language arts work is humming along. Agent E {4th} is doing more writing these days . . . for a while it was a bit of a struggle, but she seems to be enjoying it now. Agent J {2nd} is doing a lot of spelling and sentence structure. Both girls are reading Hamlet {three different versions for kids, starting with this one}. 

Spanish is continuing to hold their interest, yay. {We’ve tried learning a foreign language in the past, and it’s sort of fizzled. They are way more into it now.} We are currently working through Teach Me Everyday Spanish volume one. Agent E has taken quite a liking to Duolingo as well . . . I’m using it, too, and she is way ahead of where I am.

For geography we’ve begun looking at glaciers and the ice age. In addition to our primary text and other random readings we’ve also watched Frozen Planet: The Epic Journey and Frozen Planet: On Thin Ice. {We can’t resist a good documentary narrated by David Attenborough.}

We’re still interested in Ancient Rome, so spending more time on that in our world history studies. We’re discussing Pompeii now, and reading You Wouldn’t Want To Live in Pompeii. We’ve read several books from this series and they’re always a hit. Our world religion this week is Islam, and we’re also finishing up our mythology study {currently looking at Egyptian divinities}.

Two-year-old Agent J in St. Peter's Square {May 2010}
Senior Agents in Pompeii {September 2010}
Another one from Pompeii {September 2010}
Agent J examining a leaf at the Roman Forum {May 2010}

This is the first week in a while we aren’t reading something directly related to Charles Darwin or evolution, but we are enjoying the book Animals Marco Polo Saw. {The girls read his biography last week.} Our animal of the week is lemurs. We would like to start incorporating more science experiments again, but I’m not sure exactly what. {Click here for a few we’ve tried in the past that actually worked.}

For health we are continuing our human body study and have moved on to the urinary system. The KidsHealth video on the kidneys is hilarious. {We love all of them, really.} Agent J’s current favorite book on this topic is Gee Whiz! It’s All About Pee. We’re classy here, what can I say.

We read about Francisco de Goya for art, and talked a bit about portraits with the help of this book about faces in art.

We are studying Mozart for music, and currently reading and listening to The Magic Flute.

Outdoor PE has been questionable lately with the low temperatures and icy sidewalks and slush-covered yard. Looking forward to a spring thaw and trying to make the best of a mostly indoor existence.


  1. I love Duolingo ! We moved to s Spanish speaking country 6 months back... I'm still staggering with my Spanish and throw in the towel every now and then, but every time I start revising my notes I start with some Duolingo exercises! It's fun and more importantly *easy*.

    Would love to see your posts in the Practical Mondays Link Up:)

    1. We lived in Italy for 2.5 years and I barely learned any useable Italian. Duolingo is so much fun, though. Maybe I should have tried that, ha! Thanks for stopping by. I will check out the link up.