A Very Short Fitness Update

Back in early September I had this grandiose idea that I would start taking fitness more seriously, something I hadn’t done in years. And after a slow start, it worked. Sort of. Until it didn’t. And then it did again.

To make a novel long story blog post short, I’ve reached the point where I feel like exercise is just a normal part of my day, not something I need to think about or dread. It’s just something I do.

What has helped me, since I tend to be a fan of consistency and planning, is to have a set time each day {Monday through Friday} when I complete my meager fitness routine. It’s honestly not much—20 maybe 25 minutes tops five days a week. But I’ve gotten to the point that I feel like my day is missing something if I don’t get to it. And that was pretty much the goal all along.

I continue to incorporate most of the minor tweaks I’ve mentioned in previous posts, including drinking more water, walking whenever possible, and being more aware of when I’m actually full. I decided I missed afternoon coffee {I had tried to quit since I use sweeteners and milk that are just extra random calories} so I’m back on that at least a few days a week. 

Although a number is not my ultimate prize, weight is a tangible reference point, so I do step on a scale once every few weeks. Last I checked, I had lost six pounds. Not exactly moving mountains here, but I’m okay with that because I’m not looking for dramatic weight loss. I’m looking for a new normal.

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