The Good Enough Fitness Plan

Nearly a year ago {September 2015} I wrote about my wishy-washy attitude toward fitness and professed plans to get it together by developing a more positive outlook. My “plan”—if you could call it that—was basically to make small, incremental changes that would be simple {and relatively painless} to incorporate into my daily routine. 

Of course, cultivating new rituals is never an easy feat, especially when part of you just doesn't care. It can be difficult to find true motivation when other things in your life seem so much more pressing.

Despite my reluctance, I did eventually make “fitness" a habit {sort of} and what I’ve learned can be summarized as follows: 

My overall motto remains: I like eating more than I dislike exercise. Food deprivation is not an option for me. If I want to keep things balanced, I must move my butt regularly.

While I don’t deprive myself of the yummy goodness I crave, I also don’t overdo. I used to consistently eat until I felt uncomfortably full. Often I kept eating not because I was still hungry, but because what I was eating was just so damn good. {Taco night, anyone?} Now I am much more aware of the difference between needing and wanting more food.

I still hate cardio. In fact, the only “cardio” I do that I could speak of is walking laps around the neighborhood. Does that even count? Could that even be considered a legit workout? I have my doubts, but I figure it’s at least better than sitting on the front porch scrolling through Twitter.

Those little changes add up. I lightened up on sweetners in my drinks. I became more likely to pause before going back for seconds. I automatically reach for water sooner rather than later. I start each day with exercise {meaning I do it sometime before I get breakfast for the Agents, not necessarily at the crack of dawn or the same exact time each morning}.

What I weigh in pounds actually means very little. Oh, I still keep track, and I can tell you how much I’ve lost: an underwhelming 7 pounds. But I don’t care. Because honestly, the primary focus was never losing weight. {Although I admit it is nice that my clothes that were borderline yikes this seems snug can I even still make this work are becoming more yeah I could totally still rock this.}

Consistency is more critical than intensity. For me, anyway, it is more important that I’m doing some type of physical activity every morning—any kind of exercise really—even if it’s only 10-15 minutes. What I’m doing {weights, yoga, squats in the living room} matters considerably less.

No food is off limits, and sometimes I purposely slack on working out. I never say, oh I can’t eat that. If I want some particular food I have some and if I don’t I pass. I rarely exercise when traveling, but I don’t find it particularly difficult to get back in the swing of things once we return. 

I can totally do this. Now that I’ve made this a part of my routine—my morning ritual if you will—I know that I can sustain it. I may not be dropping sizes or shedding significant pounds, but I genuinely like that fitness is on my radar most days. And that was the goal all along.

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