Why I’m Giving Up Blogging {and What I’m Doing Instead}

Long before this blog existed, way back in the pre-Agent days, I used to keep a handwritten diary. And every once in a while I would clear it out—literally remove and shred pages that didn’t seem to speak to me anymore. Once I had “worked through” something, destroying evidence of the thought process became almost cathartic. 

I recently did that {virtually} with this blog. I “shredded” {via the delete button} approximately 180 entries. A few were among my most popular posts {at least according to page views}. But they didn’t seem to represent “me” anymore. 

Not that what is left is a perfect reflection, either—sometimes the arrogance of Past Me makes Current Me cringe.

Since this blog's inception—ruthless page cutting notwithstanding—I have written increasingly more each year . . . until this year. In 2015 I posted 83 times, or roughly once every 4 days. It’s already mid-August and so far for 2016 I’ve only shared 18 posts. I don’t think I’m going to get anywhere near that average again.

And I’m totally okay with that. 

I’ve gone through “dry spells” before, and experienced the inevitable writer’s block, but this is different. A friend once explained it {wisely, I’d say} like this: Maybe I write more when I need to process things, and not having anything to write about is actually a good thing, as it would imply I’m feeling confident and content with life. Maybe I simply don’t need the reassurance of making my writing visible.

I don’t want blog anymore. I just want to write.

For some time I’ve felt this space edging away from a “helpful, shareable, advice” tone and toward more of a “personal journal writing" feel. Basically, I no longer want to write for an audience.

While I’ll be {at least temporarily} keeping this blog set to “public” and continuing to use its related social media pages, I’ll be moving forward with the intent of updating this space for me; sharing posts with the intention of gaining feedback from others will not be a primary objective. {If it ever was. Self-promotion was never exactly my thing.}

I feel a twinge of disappointment to be pressing publish on this one, but I think it’s the best decision for now.

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