Homeschool and Other Stuff Going On This Week

We’re wrapping up a four-day week here; Monday was spent driving home from a long weekend in Washington, DC {see attempts to get a decent photo of the three of them at the zoo below}. This was our second trip there, and it confirmed for us that it is definitely one of our favorite cities. Unlike our previous ten-day trip, this time around we only had three days. While we did not fit in all we had hoped we might, we managed to see three Smithsonian favorites—the American history and natural history museums and the zoo—as well as two new stops, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and a brief visit to the National Gallery of Art. We also made a return trip to the children’s room at the Library of Congress, because, books. Of course there was plenty of running around on the national mall, too. 

We are now at the halfway point in our school year {we began 15 June}. I sent in our second quarter reports, and we are ready to plow ahead with the rest of the year. Truthfully, while the paperwork isn’t overwhelming, I will be glad to be free of it next year.

This week we’re reading about forces and machines, the Mayflower Compact, mythical creatures, ancient Egyptians, climate change, world religions, Lucy {yes, that Lucy}, and plagues . . . among other things. We’re still following our basic plan for the year, although I feel as though we’ve been going off on more tangents than usual lately. I think we’re getting to the point where our routine needs to be shaken up a bit, and so I see some changes in our future. 

Are you feeling busy? I realize we’re probably in the minority here, but this time of year does not really affect our overall schedule too much. The holiday season is pretty much business as usual around here. Our lives continue their generally unhurried, simple pattern and our to-do list doesn’t grow appreciably. We generally only take Christmas eve and Christmas day off {and this year that’s a Saturday/Sunday, so just the regular weekend off}. This year we are traveling in January, so we will take a “school break” then.

I’ll be sharing this post at the weekly wrap-up hosted by Kris over at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. Be sure to stop by and check out some of the other homeschooling bloggers linked there.

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