Studying American History With Elementary Students

I confess that last year we didn’t do a great job of covering US history in our homeschool. We primarily concentrated on early world history {from “the cradle of humankind” up to the beginning of the middle ages}. While we have continued with our studies of global history {we're currently up to the time of Joan of Arc}, we also wanted to make a conscious effort to include more of the American perspective this school year.

Following is a sample of the great American history books {by series} and videos {listed separately at the end} we have discovered. All include a link to either Goodreads or Amazon so you can learn more about them. We found almost everything listed at our local library.

Note: History Year by Year is our world history spine, but includes a significant amount of info applicable to United States history. Also, some of the video references include companion books, which I’ve listed but cannot personally recommend, as we have not read them.

American Documents {National Geographic}

American Places: From Vision to Reality

America in Words and Song

Introducing Primary Sources {Smithsonian}

 Who HQ™: Your Headquarters for History


Alphabet/Number Books {Sleeping Bear Press}

{They also have books for individual states. We’ve only done our home state so far.}

Additional Books We Enjoyed
 Getting to Know the US Presidents series {Mike Venezia}

Video Resources
 America: The Story of Us {Find the book here.}
 How We Got To Now {Find the book here.}

Additionally, Agent E {5th} and Agent J {3rd} have read numerous historical fiction series, including several of the I Survived books, a few of the Interactive History Adventures books, and of course multiple titles from the American Girl and Dear America collections.

We’re also excited to try a new find: Exploring the 13 Colonies {a new book series written in cooperation with the Smithsonian}.

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