Why I'll Never Be That Kind of Blogger

I’ve been blogging in this space for six and a half years now. There have been breaks where I didn’t write at all for a spell {intentionally or not}. There have also been periods of—let’s call it “growth”—in which I went in a different direction with the overall feel of the blog {read: some of it was downright embarrassing and begged to be deleted}. But one thing has never really changed: I am not big on marketing, and never will be.

Scratch that; I completely suck at self-promotion. I also cannot make myself sound like I have it together enough to qualify as inspiring.

Agents hugging in front of abstract art
This is never going to be one of those clever, well-organized, clear niche, feel-good, motivating, let-me-help-you-solve-this-problem-you-didn’t-even-know-you-had blogs.

Nor will it ever be profitable. You will not see me posting links five or six times in hopes of drawing in more traffic. No paid ads in my social media posts, no affiliate links, no sidebar advertising. All you’ll get here is words, people. And sometimes pictures of my kids doing stuff.

Oh, at one point I had grandiose visions of monetizing in my pretty little head. I even signed up to be an Amazon affiliate and spent hours—wait; more like days—reconfiguring blog posts new and old to include those ubiquitous links. It was going to be great: a side income with ease. Except, I put zero effort into marketing my posts, and therefore no one was seeing my lovely time-consuming links. 

I actually did make some money through the affiliate program. After three months of rigorous link-building I earned a whopping $3.00. It arrived with a note from Amazon politely informing me sorry not sorry but I had been dropped due to lack of activity. 

Truth be told, I’m pretty much just writing random crap and throwing it out there and if someone can use something I’ve written in a positive way then so be it. Mostly I’m just trying to organize my own thoughts and keep my introvert brain from imploding.

If a post or shared link strikes a chord with a reader, great! But I’m not writing for shares or income or popularity. I’m grateful that people have decided to follow along, of course, but I’m not going to suddenly transform into A Real Live Blogger. And I’m okay with that.


  1. I love the straightforward, honest way you write on your blog. I actually prefer reading homeschool blogs that are actually relatable to every day life rather than be assaulted by a blitz of ads and fluff pieces. Also, we're atheist homeschoolers and I always love connecting with others in the same boat! Glad you decided to come back to blogging! :)

    1. Thank you, Jess. I didn't realize when I first started (both homeschooling and blogging) how difficult it could be to find other secular homeschoolers I could relate to, or even simply good, reliable, science-y resources. We are all in this together, and hopefully some of the things I post can help someone. Thanks for following along.