Why I Will Never Get the Hang of Homeschooling

So we’ve been rocking this homeschooling thing for almost six years now, and even though it’s early I’m already thinking ahead to year seven. The Agents are pretty smart and generally have it together academically and can hold {semi-reasonable} conversations with other humans and have not deteriorated into social misfits. This might lead one to {incorrectly} assume we have a least a little bit of a clue as to what we are doing and how we’re going to keep moving forward.

The reality is, however, I don’t ever feel like oh, now I know what I’m doing, full stop. Why? Because the bar keeps moving. I come up with new ideas that are just so much better than what we were doing before. The Agents won’t stop growing despite my best efforts. New books come out. Schedules become routines which become approximations which become mere suggestions which become laughable. The Agents {or Momma} need more or less sleep than they did last year, last month, last week. The weather changes and we want to either live outdoors or paste ourselves to the couch. 

Agents on the first day of this school year
{June 2016}
I’ll never be able to say this is how we homeschool, now and forever, the end because how we homeschool is a moving target. Right now, we have a pretty sweet system. We like the way we do a lot of the Things. But, soon we’ll be moving to a new state with new rules and a new plan. And the Agents will all be a year older and a grade ahead. And we won’t have to submit quarterly reports anymore, so we might get more creative with our plan and less stringent about our record keeping. Or not. 

Some things that seem like the cat’s meow to us currently {spine booksmorning and afternoon schoolGoodreadsworkbooks} could very well be tossed and replaced by an entirely new agenda. We might go back to unit studies. We might give up on organizing our days by subjects altogether. We might replace some of our day at home with classes or co-ops. We might try a four-day week again.

Basically, I have no idea how things are going to look in our educational future, and that’s okay. A popular question I'm frequently asked is are you going to homeschool through high school? and I honestly have no idea. The Agents could very well decide to give public school a try at some point. Or, maybe I’ll be reliving organic chemistry and calculus class alongside them. Either way, we are fine with the uncertainty that this lifestyle {yes, I consider it more of a lifestyle than an education choice} brings.

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  1. I consider it a lifestyle choices too, along with an education choice but it was encouraging to hear that it is a moving target for you too!!